Friday, January 13, 2017

Update: Garrett Kirchway in Guyana

Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America

There are many exciting things planned for January when it comes to missions, and Evangelist Garrett Kirchway from Faithful Word Baptist is already there in Guyana doing a great work. Brother Garrett and Mrs. Neo Kirchway are staying in a studio apartment, which they have rented for the whole month. After they leave, Brother Matthew Stucky from Verity Baptist Church will be staying there, followed by any other preachers that go down there after him.

Brother Garrett Kirchway has already preached in two public schools located near the church. The first school had 200 students, and the second school had 350 students. Hundreds prayed to accept Christ after hearing a thorough presentation of the Gospel, so no doubt, many of them understood and got saved. Not only did 550 students and several teachers hear the plan of salvation, but they each received a preaching flash drive loaded with 28 key sermons from Faithful Word Baptist Church.

The most important part of Brother Kirchway’s sermon in the schools was of course the Gospel message, but he also gave them a short pep talk about working hard in life and applying themselves to their studies. ”Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;” This is the part that the teachers appreciate for obvious reasons and will hopefully help us to be invited back in the future.

Brother Garrett also did some soul-winning in local neighborhoods, but the soul-winning is more house to house there than “door to door.” In Guyana many of the houses are surrounded by metal fences and gates, so the way that you get the attention of the people inside is by standing out in the street in front of the house and shouting out, “Inside! inside!” The people then come out and hear what you have to say. People are very receptive there so soul-winning in Guyana is very fruitful.

Here is a partial video of Brother Garrett preaching at one of the schools.

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Anonymous said...

I will send him some money monthly, it is a shame Darby doctrine Baptists have dropped Ram Angad's support. As long as he stays true to the Gospel, he has my support. He is more fruitful the all Darby loving Baptists combined.