Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Opinion of the New Immigration Law in Arizona

I am vehemently against the new law in AZ.

This is a classic example of problem - reaction - solution.

Who created the immigration crisis? the government did! Here is how:

1. By giving free government handouts to illegals such as free education, food stamps, welfare, wic, and medical care.

2. By conducting official business, schooling, and voting in Spanish, thereby allowing foreigners to come here and fully function without learning English.

3. By making it extremely costly and difficult to immigrate legally (see the Declaration of Independence*).

4. By destroying the farming industry in Mexico by heavily subsidizing American farmers and paying them to grow unprofitable crops, thereby making it impossible for farmers in other countries who are not propped up by the government to compete.

They CREATED the problem, and now they are supposedly the SAVIOUR to fix the problem by taking away civil rights?!?! The rights enumerated in the constitution are endowed by the creator and apply to all human beings, regardless of nationality or citizenship.

Here is the real solution to the "immigration crisis:"

1. Stop all government handouts including, but not limited to, welfare, food stamps, WIC, public school, medical care, etc.

2. Offer government forms and voting only in the official language of English.

3. Make it very easy and inexpensive to immigrate legally.*

4. Stop subsidizing American farmers to grow corn that they sell for less money than it took for them to produce it.

If these 4 steps were enacted, the vast majority of the illegals would go home on their own! The ones who stayed would have to pay their own way, so who cares if they are here! I don't care if that whole country moves up here, as long as they learn English, pay their own way, and become Americans. In fact, it would stimulate the economy. But right now, the illegals are a drain on the economy because of GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS!

*"He has endeavored to prevent the population of these states; for that purpose obstructing the laws for naturalization of foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migration hither, and raising the conditions of new appropriations of lands." - Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence


Zsuzsanna said...

Great post!!!

GodGunsGutsGlory said...

Amen pastor!
Yeah at first I thought the bill was ok until I realized what they were doing.

I agree about the welfare/medical etc handouts!

As I told my daughter earlier, most of the people who immigrate form the South already know someone here in the USA when they come here.
When they have an anchor baby we pay the bills via welfare check, food and medical.
We need to deny ALL of that nonsense!
It isn't like they'd die if we declined them. I'm sure every illegal immigrant that comes from the South already knows someone here. They can leach off of them!
Aside from them taking our jobs at least that would reduce the amount of tax payer welfare they get.

And what burns me about assistance is when I've been out of work for a month at a time I can NEVER qualify for medical assistance, etc to keep my children covered when my work/union coverage would lapse.
Here I paid in for years and years and I can't have help when needed.
That really burns my biscuits!

Another sad fact is illegals actually have MORE "human rights" than us American's with "civil rights". Some of our bull crap laws don't even apply to them. :-/

Hawk said...

You make some very interesting points and I find no pleasure in arguing with you over anything.

That said, I do have a question sort of relating to this post. You mention in stopping all government assistance programs to stop public schools. For those families who truly rely on public schooling (be it they are single parents by choice or death or what have you) what is your purposed solution?

? said...

(In response to Hawk above)

I don't know what Steve envisions, but I would imagine that without the government involved in educating/raising children, poor children would probably get an education the same way they do now... Scholarships. Maybe more churches and low cost private schools would educate children. Maybe, just maybe, more parents might home school their or their neighbors/friends/families kids.

How about we (me, you, other charitable people) donate money to scholarships/private schools/churches instead of encourage the government to steal money from others and spend it on public "schools".

How can "the people" really keep their government in check when their minds are the product of said government?

Do you not see the conflict of interests there?

I honestly am not trying to rip on you, but are you really incapable of imagining education absent government involvement?

how did all the brilliant minds of antiquity come to be without public schools?

Patrick said...

Where in the US Constitution does it establish English as the "official" language of the US? Also, how would you interpret Exodus 22:21, which says, "Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt." when God reminds us that Israel were slaves of another land? How can we treat some of God's children differently than others based on their color, origin, or race (illegal immigrants vs those born in America)?

sanderson1611 said...

I agree with you, Patrick, but I do think that people who come to the United States should learn to speak English. If they don't speak English, I don't think that our tax dollars should go toward bending over backwards to put everything in their language.

Although it isn't mentioned in our constitution, English is still the official language of our country by law. Therefore, official business should be conducted in English. If I lived in Mexico, I wouldn't expect everyone to speak English to me.

I speak Spanish and several other languages, and every week I speak to Mexican in Phoenix in Spanish while I am out soul-winning. However, I believe that if they are going to live here, they should learn the language of our country. That doesn't mean that I am going to treat them badly, however, because I don't.