Tuesday, September 17, 2019

UDATED - Schedule for FWBC Missions Conference (Jan 22-26, 2020)


Wednesday - Australia

5:00pm - Soul-winning @ FWBC
7:00pm  - Preaching (Pastor Kevin Sepulveda)
Song - "Jesus Loves Me” in English

Thursday - Africa

10:00am - Preaching (Bro. Chris Segura & Pastor Oscar Bougardt)
Song - "Jesus Loves Me” in Yoruba
1:00pm “Deported” Premier / Soul-winning @ FWBC
3:20pm “Deported” Premier / Seminar at FWBC (Learning a Foreign Language)
5:40pm “Deported” Premier / “Little Africa” Soul-winning

8:00pm “Deported” Premier / Testimonies from Africa and Australia

Friday - Asia

10:00am - Preaching (Pastor Anderson) “The Spiritual Condition of Asia”
Song - “Jesus Loves Me” in Korean
1:00pm -1:45pm - Seminar (How to organize a missions trip)
2:00pm - 2:45pm - Seminar (Internet technology and evangelism)
3:00pm - Soul-winning in Chinatown and “Little India”
5:30pm - Testimonies from Asia
7:00pm - Preaching (Pastor Roger Jimenez)
Song - “Jesus Loves Me” in Tagalog

Saturday - Caribbean & Americas

10:00am - Preaching (Bro. Corbin Ressl)
Song - “Jesus Loves Me” in Navajo
1:00pm -1:45pm - Seminar (How to do Rez’ Soul-winning)
2:00pm - Soul-winning on the Gila River Indian Reservation
5:30pm - Testimonies from Canada, Caribbean, & Latin America
7:00pm - Preaching (Pastor Bruce Mejia)
Song - “Jesus Loves Me” in Spanish

Sunday - Europe

10:30am - Preaching (Pastor Anderson)
Song - “Jesus Loves Me” in German
1:30pm - Soul-winning in South Phoenix
4:00pm - 4:45pm - Seminar - (Starting a Soul-winning Club in Europe)
5:00pm - Testimonies from Europe
6:30pm - Preaching (Pastor Patrick Boyle)
Song - “Jesus Loves Me” in Romanian