Monday, December 10, 2018

Contest Winners (Where in the World is Pastor Anderson?)

The correct answer was...Guyana! Here is a list of the people who got it right. If you are on the list, email us at Faithful Word Baptist Church ( with your mailing address, and we will send you your prize. Here is the list:

Fernando the Baptist
Sheila Jackson
Daniel Jones
Felicia Hope
Bobbi Hursem
Filip Skomerza
Jessica's Video Blog
Judith Flores
Rudy Thomas
Richard Tanner
Nicola Wray
Last Days Prophecy Watchman
David Gruse
Michael K
JS Whosoever
Pastor Enrique Reyes
Kaci T.
Tomislav Pavic
Tim C.
Taci Kaylor
S.T. Rubhen
Paul Niven
Moishe Platinumberg
Jamie Burcham
Melvin Vertinos
Steven from Canada
Jordan Huguet
Kimberly Padget
Molly B.
Jon Brickley
Michael Davis
Osmar Ponce
Jimmy Bundy
Ashlyn Thrasher
Janell the Baptist
Dory Coverdale
CrossFit Therapeutics
Larry Keown
Ross and Jennifer
Rich/Jen Garza
James Stampone
mmmmm i dunno
Jonathan and Stephanie Spurgeon
Chris Mierzwa
Josh Blacker
Simon Zelotes

If you are local and go to FWBC, you will get a different prize, but if you live somewhere else, here is what you won:

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Where in the World is Pastor Anderson?

Pastor Anderson took a short missions trip this week, but where did he go?

Guess which country based on these pictures, and everyone who guesses correctly will win a small prize.

If someone already told you where Pastor Anderson went, or if you already knew somehow, you are disqualified (honor system).

The only way to guess is by leaving a comment on this blog post. Don't post your guess anywhere else. Only here. One guess per person.

This contest lasts one day only, so it will end Monday morning, December 10.

Comments are moderated, so don't worry if your comment doesn't get published. We still got your entry.

Check the blog in the next few days for a list of winners, so we can get you your prizes.

My son Isaac and I riding in the back of the truck.

Out soul-winning.

Like a boss!

Raising food.

Eating at the ubiquitous KFC.

All white?

"...him that pisseth against the wall..." - KJV Bible

One more clue. Here is a video of me on location:


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Letter to Chandler Police Department

 This letter was written by one of our church members Bro. Chad Morgan:

Dear Chief Duggan,

Last year my family and I visited El Cajon, CA to meat up with some new friends to go out into the community and share what the Bible says about Heaven. At that meet-up Michelle (my wife) and I were befriended by two ladies, a mom and daughter, Debbie and McKenzie Schroeder. These ladies had a smile on their face. Debbie is a dedicated mom; McKenzie is a kind young lady and a diligent student.

Today, when I came home I was greeted with the news that Debbie and McKenzie were ARRESTED while knocking doors of local Chandler residents to invite people to church and to share what the Bible says. (Our church practice 100% of the time is to leave when a resident tells us to do so). We are not trouble makers!

If it wasn't for the first hand accounts of friends who were with them and the video evidence that is now circulating, I wouldn't have believed it. Here are my questions for the Chief of Police, Chandler:

Is it normal procedure for the Chandler Police Department to arrest women who are knocking doors to give out information about their church or to ask residents if they would like to know what the Bible says?

How does a SERGEANT (Donna Reno) in the Chandler Police Department become so ignorant of the law of our nation and end up arresting law abiding citizens? The group even had a document in hand that Chandler officers ignored, while violating their 1st Amendment right. You wrote on the Chandler PD website, "We are committed to ensuring that Chandler remains a safe city where people want to live and work. Our officers are well-equipped, highly-trained, and engaged in the community. Our employees are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of professionals who take great pride in their work." How are Chandler officers "highly-trained" when they make bogus arrests based on what one or two citizens allege, instead of making decisions based upon law? Many of the locals wanted to hear our message or receive our information.

Why did officers lie to two other members of the group (not Debbie and McKenzie) and say that they had already been told to leave the community just to coerce them to leave? No community can trust officers who are lying whether intentional or not.

Where is the common sense in the decision to charge an 18 year old with "tampering with evidence" because instinct told her to pick up her mom's personal effects when they fell to the ground because an officer decided to grab her mother?

On the Chandler Police Website you wrote, "I am honored to serve alongside the men and women of the Chandler Police Department, who understand that, in order for us to successfully accomplish our mission, we must have the confidence, support, and respect of the people who visit, live, and work in our city." How does the Chandler PD maintain the confidence of it's community when it's officers lose their cool and bully local church members?

Tonight, as AZ visitors, my friends Debbie and McKenzie are in jail on false accusations and police incompetency. It's ridiculous! Their friends are livid, and we are NOT without a cause.

Charles Morgan,
Phoenix, AZ

Thursday, October 18, 2018

We Don't Need More Guys like Pastor Guy!

The latest picture of the effeminate John Guy, aka "Pastor Polka Dot" (center)

In his blog post, “Questions about our Graduates,” Paul Chappell, president of West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California, is on the defensive about my recent comments about West Coast graduate, Pastor John Guy. In his post, Chappell gives us even more negative examples of West Coasts graduates, but for his positive examples, he conveniently points us to the most isolated graduates possible—a missionary to a tribe in Nicaragua with no phone service or electricity, a tiny church in “rural Kansas,” and another guy in Siberia that we have no way of observing.

Paul Chappell probably wouldn’t feel the need to write this piece if it were just me and others in our movement speaking out against Bible college. Lots of old-style IFB churches all over America have been training preachers in-house instead of sending them off to Bible college, and it has been this way for quite some time. A lot of great pastors came out of Hyles-Anderson College in its heyday when Brother Hyles was still alive, but most of us are not impressed with the fruit coming from today’s Bible colleges. The Bible college model was unbiblical to begin with, and the Bible college era is going the way of the dinosaur. Today, Baptist popes like Paul Chappell are having to work harder than ever to recruit new students for their colleges. “Youth conferences” are often nothing more than infomercials for Bible college, and a lot of IFB’s are choosing not to participate in these embarrassing three-ring circuses.

People in the new IFB movement are not Paul Chappell’s target audience. We aren’t the ones with "questions about his graduates." We already know what they are! I guarantee you there are mainstream IFB pastors out there contacting Paul Chappell and saying things like, “I don’t like Steven Anderson, but this Pastor Polka Dot coming out of your college looks like he has lace on his underwear!” Let’s face it, most IFB pastors are manly men who are disgusted with modern neo-evangelical style churches. I’m against all Bible college in general, but West Coast grads in particular tend to come out super liberal and in many cases, effeminate.

Young ladies who go to Bible college for their “MRS. degree” often end up marrying a weak and watered down pastor or worse--an unsaved false teacher. Another travesty is that single women who are unable or unwilling to go off to Bible college often have a hard time finding people to date in their local church. I’ve even heard of young pastor’s sons urging young ladies in the church to attend Bible college so that they will be “allowed” to date them. This is ludicrous! Why wouldn’t a pastor want his adult son to date a saved girl he met at his own church!?

If you desire to be a pastor, find a church that you agree with on the important things, and then let your pastor train you and send you out. If he has a preaching class or an in-house Bible institute, then take advantage of those classes, but even if he doesn’t, he should be willing to simply mentor you as you study the Bible for yourself while serving in the local church. If you are a pastor who is reading this, stop sending your best young people off to be corrupted or effeminized in schools like West Coast Baptist College and train them yourself.

“And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”--2 Timothy 2:2

Click here to listen to my sermon rebuking Pastor Polka Dot

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Memorial Service for Grandma (Helen Anderson)

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15

My grandma, Helen Anderson, who was my Dad’s mom, passed away recently at the age of 96, and we held her memorial service here at Faithful Word Baptist Church. My dad, my brother, my older sister, and I all got up and shared fond memories about our Grandma who was a godly Christian lady. We also talked a little about my grandpa, who passed away 25 years earlier. It was great spending time over the weekend with my dad, all three of my siblings, and their families.

Left to right: Clint, Spring, Dad, Denise, Myself, Zsuzsa, Matt, Lisa, Bobby, Raani

In a way, Grandma got to speak at her own funeral because I showed some footage of her from a few years ago. I then preached a sermon entitled “Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of his Saints” as a tribute to my grandparents. The sermon was about how it is biblical to honor those who have contributed to us spiritually. In my sermon, I also hit on some issues my grandparents were passionate about. Grandpa hated Calvinism and tried to warn his whole family against it. My dad definitely got the message, and he passed that hatred of Calvinism down to us. Hopefully, my aunts and cousins who weren’t at the service were watching online and reminded of one of the important doctrines my grandpa taught us and the fact that he left behind letters he had written to his descendants about it.

My dad with his four children in birth order from left to right.

If you knew my Grandma, you would understand that it was only fitting to have hard preaching as part of her memorial service. Grandpa was definitely a contender of the faith, and Grandma was the woman behind the man. Grandma stuck by her husband through the hard times and played a pivotal role in his salvation. Because of her prayers and faithfulness, my Grandpa and my Dad were eventually led to the Lord by an independent fundamental Baptist pastor.

Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; 1 Peter 3:1

I’ve been blessed with a godly heritage, so it was a privilege to put on a memorial service in honor of a virtuous woman who has contributed so much spiritually to our family. Not only was Grandma a great Christian and soul winner, but she was a fun grandma that we loved dearly, and we had a great time reminiscing about her. We had Mexican food catered in after the service since Grandma loved Mexican food.

Click here to watch Grandma Helen Anderson’s Memorial Service if you haven’t seen it yet.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Paul Chappell Sending Effeminate Pastor to Tempe

Pastor Jon Guy a.k.a. Pastor Polka Dot

"Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind," - 1 Corinthians 6:9

So Paul Chappell is blessing us with a church plant here in Tempe called Citypoint Baptist Church. The Pastor’s name is John Guy, but I call him “Pastor Polka Dot.” When I first heard about him, I clicked on his website and saw him in this trendy polka dot shirt. His Twitter profile shows him in a pink polka dot shirt and super skinny jeans, and what did I find on facebook? More polka dots! I’ve now seen this guy in at least four different polka dot shirts, so the nickname I gave him definitely fits. I would expect any grown man who names the name of Christ to be manly, but this John Guy is a pastor!

Pastor Polka Dot in his signature skinny jeans

Even a casual internet search of secular websites will tell you that polka dots are normally worn by women and that men in polka dots are very “fashion forward” and run the risk of looking “flamboyant.” In fact, Pastor Polka Dot is so cutting edge, there’s a picture of him on facebook in skinny SHORTS. I’ve been preaching against skinny jeans for a while, but I didn’t even know skinny shorts were a thing! And let’s face it, men who try to show off their body look effeminate and queer!

We’ve got a bunch of skinny-jeans wearing sissies coming to Tempe to start a church. Not only does the pastor look effeminate, but he’s bringing music director, Mark Rasmussen Jr., whose mannerisms are way worse.

Worship leader Mark Rasmussen, Jr.

I mean, I hope Mark is straight because he comes from a good family, but I’m having a hard time believing it. If these guys don’t want to be accused of being queer, then why do they look like queers and act like queers!? Why don’t they start dressing like men? You may not think this is a big deal, but this is the leadership of a fundamental Baptist church! John Guy is currently the assistant pastor at Lancaster Baptist Church. Men are being taught by example to be effeminate, which is a sin. The Bible teaches that people are an abomination when they wear gender bending clothing.

Worship leader Mark Rasmussen, Jr., in new-age-mode wearing leggings

Citypoint will have no standards. Their music style is pretty much the Back Street Boys minus the drums, and the women wear whatever they want. The music director posted a video of him proposing to a woman wearing a bikini top and short shorts, and in the same video he announces the new church plant in Tempe! At another point in the video his wife is wearing jeans with holes in the knees. These aren’t new Christians or backslidden laymen in the church. These are staff members from a Bible college, and this is what they are publicly posting. 

Pastor Jon Guy posted this picture of his wife in what he called "beast mode."

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.—Deuteronomy 22:5 

If you’re into this touchy-feely crap and want to go to a church where the pastor’s wife wears the pants, there’s a church starting for you in Tempe. Honestly though, this new church isn’t needed. We’ve already got plenty of contemporary churches in this area. It’s a shame when many of the IFB churches today are identical to the non-denominational contemporary churches, with the only difference being that they use the KJV. I thought we as independent fundamental Baptists were old-fashioned and believed men should look like men and women should look like women!  

The Citypoint church planting team

Even the name of the new church in Tempe is patterned after the typical non-denominational liberal church. Citypoint Baptist Church will be meeting at the Improv, a comedy night club. The church is such a joke it meets at a comedy club! Of all the storefronts and office space available in this area, they chose to meet in a bar so they can have purple lighting and a fancy sound system for their faggoty music.

It’s easy to rip on guys like Pastor Polka Dot and his whiny worship leader, but effeminate clothing on boys can creep into even good churches. Young people see this kind of clothing in advertisements and the media, and they have a tendency to conform to whatever’s in style. It doesn’t mean they have queer tendencies, but it means that they are following people who are queer and wicked. As fathers who are old enough to know better, we need to crack down on our sons if they start to wear this type of clothing. If people want to conform to this world and come to church in skinny jeans, I’m not going to police them. It’s the job of the parents to regulate the clothing in their own house, but I can promise you that my family and the staff members of this church and their families are going to wear clothes that fit!

Here is the full sermon rebuking Pastor Jon Guy:

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Best Way to Make Christian Friends

Soul-winning Group last weekend on the White Mountain Apache reservation.

One of the most common ways that people make friends is by working together. Think about how close you have gotten with people you’ve worked with. The reason for that is that there is a camaraderie that develops when people have common goals and shared experiences. If you work with someone long enough, you’ll end up with lots of fun stories to reminisce about.

Your closest friends should be fellow believers, but sometimes it can be hard to break into the inner circle of a church. Ideally, everyone should be friendly, but sometimes conversations can be superficial until people get to know you better. If you haven’t been successful at making friends in your church, it might be that you haven’t worked with anyone yet.

Perhaps you’ve been to a church with several Sunday school classes or “small group Bible studies.” The reason they break things up that way is to create a smaller atmosphere in the hopes that people will form friendships. At FWBC, we have a better way for people to get to know each other, and that’s by having multiple soul-winning times. By showing up for soul winning on a regular basis, you’ll get to know the people who go soul winning at the same time you do.

Soul winning with someone is a lot more interactive than just sitting next to them in church. If you spend an hour or two out knocking doors with somebody, you’re bound to get to know them as you chat between doors. Just like with that co-worker, you’ll build a relationship with your soul-winning partner as you work together toward a common goal.

Here at FWBC, people are enjoying great fellowship while soul winning here in the Phoenix area, on nearby Indian reservations, and even on foreign missions trips. Wherever you go to church, I encourage you to show up for one or more of the soul-winning times. In addition to that, you can make friends with even more people by showing up to a soul-winning marathon put on by one of the churches in our movement. You need fellowship, and we are commanded to win souls, so you will be killing two birds with one stone. Get your feet wet as a silent partner and make a new friend or two in the process. Winning souls is a win-win!

Here is a sermon to go with this article.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

2nd Annual Anti-Anderson Conference

Recently there was a Ruckmanite conference at Victory Baptist Church in Hartford, MI, which I watched online. Since this took place almost exactly one year after the conference Keith Gomez and Sam Gipp held to attack yours truly, I can’t help but assume this was the second annual “Anti-Anderson conference.” I’m calling it that because Ruckmanite ring-leader, Sam Gipp, is clearly obsessed with me. Listen to how many times he mentions me and even addresses me directly throughout the conference:

Although I jokingly refer to their little pro-Israel conference as an anti-Anderson conference, I realize that the entire conference wasn’t about me. Haha. There were several other surprising themes including glorification of violence toward Muslims and also something for all the sci-fi buffs out there.

Although I had the most pulpit mentions, I’m not the only pastor these guys have a beef with. Pastor Bill Grady, one of the keynote speakers at the conference told a story about Pastor McMurtry asking him some questions on the phone about the Jews. Grady likes to say that Pastor McMurtry wasted his time, when Grady was actually the one that called Pastor McMurtry trying to sell him his new book! You can hear that clip here and a lot of other places since Grady has told this same story at many different churches:

The above sermon clip was brought to you by Jimmy John’s. Just kidding, but that story is getting old, Grady. Am I the only one craving a turkey sandwich after all that repetition?

Grady also seems to think we will all be coming back for the Millennium in wedding dresses. Speak for yourself buddy-- I’ll be in a white robe like the Bible says. Listen to this clip for that little gem along with more of Grady’s low points, including him saying that God will break his own word:

One of the craziest statements from the conference came from Pastor Rick Sowell when he said, “I think God’s plan is to populate this entire universe.” Who sits in a church service and listens to this stuff? Perhaps this expansion of the universe thing somehow ties in with evolution and the Gap Theory, which Ruckmanites refer to as the “Gap fact.” Listen to this clip where Sowell twists the scriptures to somehow to try to prove that 298 million planets will eventually be populated! Haven’t we heard something like this before from a man named Joseph Smith? This other planets thing definitely resembles Mormonism. Notice how the Devil repackages a lot of the same lies for different false teachers.

As if all that weren’t bizarre enough, Sam Gipp made an extremely inappropriate joke about handing out tracts at Hooters, a restaurant known as a place to ogle scantily clad waitresses. How would you like to be a woman in that audience hearing this disrespectful and crass reference?

“Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.” Proverbs 14:9

The irony is that in the same sermon, Grady condemns Faithful Word Baptist Church for allowing women to breastfeed in the services.

It’s hard to pick out the absolute worst moment of the conference, but for me personally, the most disgusting part was listening to an Israeli soldier talking about kidnapping and blowing people up and finding a piece of someone’s brain, which he describes as “fun” and “good times.” The pastors acted like giddy schoolgirls as they hung on the Israeli soldier’s every word. And yes, a love offering was taken for their hero.

It almost seemed surreal watching a band of Baptist children perform Hava Nagila in a Christian church.

I’m hoping that mainstream fundamental Baptists listen to what was said at that conference since Brother Hyles and many of the churches in the Hyles camp were attacked for not embracing Peter Ruckman’s hyper-dispensational doctrine. These Rucktards have a lot of nerve attacking most of fundamentalism for not drinking the Koolaid of Ruckmanism.

Newsflash: Peter Ruckman may have been KJV only, but the guy was a quack! Ruckman went into great detail about aliens from other planets, claimed abortion isn’t murder, and has referred to black people as “monkey men” in his insane writings. More famously, Ruckman taught that there are seven dispensations and that people were saved by works in the Old Testament. The independent fundamental Baptist movement as a whole has rejected Ruckmanism, but lately, it seems to be gaining in popularity in certain circles.

Braindead Ruckmanites are calling the new IFB movement a “Christian cult,” but they are the ones recommending that we get our doctrine from a man! If you are a real Baptist, the Bible is your authority, not some man.

Here is the documentary that provoked the Anti-Anderson Conference Series