Monday, September 13, 2010

Glen Schunk "The Halls of Hell" 1969 Canoga Park, CA

From the record sleeve:

"The two messages on this record were preached during Dr. Glen Schunk's 4th campaign at Faith Baptist Church, Canoga Park, California. In this campaign hundreds of people attended, and 216 professed salvation.

"Many hundreds of people have wanted a recording of Dr. Schunk's life story so during our campaign, several on our staff urged him to make the recording. on the other side of the record is one of the most powerful messages on Hell I have ever heard. God used these two messages to bring hundreds to Jesus Christ.

"In 1970 during the Schunk meeting, I witnessed, what I believe to be, the greatest revival of my life. During that great campaign, 287 people made professions of faith in Christ.

"In my opinion, Dr. Schunk is one of the most powerful and Spirit-filled evangelists in America today. I trust you will be able to use this record over and over, playing it for friends and neighbors, influencing them to put their faith in Christ."

- Dr. Roland Rasmussen, Pastor
Faith Baptist Church, Canoga Park, California

Side One: "The Halls of Hell"
Side Two: "Life Story"

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Anonymous said...

Hey. I see the hardpreaching site has changed - I don't see that sermon on there anymore. But it is on Youtube.