Monday, July 18, 2011

Letter to Salome Justice Court

Salome Justice Court
310 Salome Road
Salome, AZ 85348
Ph: (928) 859-3871
Fax: (928) 859-3709

Re: Complaint #38223

I intend to plead "not guilty" to this complaint and am requesting either a hearing or that the charge be dismissed.

I was driving eastbound on I-10 at approximately 11:20pm on 6/11/11 at the legal speed limit when an unknown vehicle began to follow me in my blind spot. The vehicle stayed in my blind spot for an extended period of time which started to make me nervous. I slowed down a little to let the car pass, but when I slowed down, they slowed down also. I sped up a little, and they sped up also. I kept looking over my shoulder to try to figure out why this vehicle was stalking and harassing me. It seemed very suspicious. In the process of nervously looking over my shoulder trying to identify who had been purposely cruising in my blind spot for the last few minutes, my wheels touched the bumpy portion of the white line to the right of the slow lane in which I was traveling. This line separates the slow lane from the shoulder.

At this point, lights and siren instantly came on, and I pulled over, now knowing that it was a police car that had been stalking me (I had wondered if it was a police car but had no idea who it was that was doing this to me). The officer issued me a citation for "unsafe lane usage." I told him that I was driving just fine until he came along and stalked my blind spot which I considered very unsafe. He laughed at me and said, "Oh, so it's my fault that you touched the white line." I told him that it was his fault because it scared me that someone was cruising my blind spot for so long and wouldn't leave me alone. I had no idea who it was, which is why I kept looking over my shoulder, which resulted in me touching the white line. Everything was going fine before he came along. He caused the entire situation!

He told me that I must have been distracted or watching a video or something. I told him that I don't watch videos, and that I was listening to an audiobook of "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky and had both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. I then showed him the audiobook. Everything was going great until he began stalking me!

I am requesting that the charge of "unsafe lane usage" be dismissed. If the charge is not dismissed, then I am requesting a court date to present my testimony to the judge and plead "not guilty" to this charge.

Steven L Anderson


Reggie said...

I completely understand; this has happened to a family member. I believe that some of our police officers just love to incite people to any offense no matter how small.

I do have a question though that I asked my family member - why didn't you just ignore him? Who cares if he is riding your tail or hovering in your blind spot? Just set the cruise for the speed limit and don't look at him or else just exit at the next available opportunity.

Anonymous said...

i have a hard time believing that this isn't some sort of sick vendetta against you. i will be praying!

Anonymous said...

Paranoia thy name is Spamderson

Sharon Holmes said...

My reaction is somewhat different. Unless this was after dark, you should have been able to see the markings on the car or the Visibar lights on top if you were looking over your shoulder to the left. I'm sure the case is long over, and I hope the charges were dropped, but I suspect they were not. You see, La Paz County is very poor, and money made from traffic citations constitutes a large part of their income. I know this well, because a few years ago, I had to contribute several thousand to the County Justice Court in fines and fees and $5,000 to a bail bondsman with a final conviction based on sending an E-mail to recover stolen personal property, that was turned over to the La Paz County Sheriff's Department in Salome for me to pick up. So eve if you are sued by a thief who is on a first name basis with "Judge Joe", you cannot contact them from hundreds of miles away to demand your property be returned.

Cathy Turner said...

Oh I believe this! If you have never driven through some of those back roads in AZ you don't know that a Deliverance kind of mentality exists. There is something creepy, suspicious and untoward going on in the town of Salome. I thank God I don't have to drive through that town any more.

Cathy Turner said...

If you have never driven through the small towns of AZ, you have no idea that a kind of Deliverance mentality still exists!! As Sharon Holmes said, they are looking for revenue and they see travelers, visitors as easy prey. There is a kind of creepy, suspicious, untoward world in Salome, AZ, and I thank God I don't have to drive through there any more.

Ross said...

Very good information on Court and way of thinking that seems present in Salome AZ.
I was ticketed early June for 'over 35 in school zone'. 6:30 am. I had slowed according to sign I saw, 45 mph on Hyw 60. All of sudden found myself in a school zone that was on highway. Reflecting back the signs in middle of road were VERY small compared to any I had aver encountered. Approx 1' wide. 2' high. Placed 1 foot maximum above pavement..NO school in site. Saw it later across highway,railway right of way estimated 1000 yards distant. School zones are most always adjacent to the school.Lot of traffic, children being dropped off. Presence of standard LARGE signs "SCHOOL ZONE" 15 mph. Crossing guards on duty.
The officer was very nice. He explained citation, could be taken care of prior to June 29th. Option to appear that date in court.
I plead GUILTY, mailed payment. Payment returned with letter. Letter said in first paragraph stated how to pay- Visa, Cashiers check, Money order, on-line.
Second paragraph said this citation is a mandatory appearance!. I called court clerk and was told this was a CRIMINAL case, appear at 9 am. Judge will be at 1:30.

Very strange, my thinking. CRIMINAL CASE..!!!
I now have to drive 2-3 hours one way from Indio, CA, may take all day. Very much a hardship.
(What if I had been from NY State, Canada, driving through and received same ticket..expected to travel to Salome AZ to appear.....)

Is this legit? Shall further post on Tuesday after court date..see how much La Paz drained me of money wise. Form with all fines for different citations showed $238.00, as the fine.