Thursday, April 26, 2012

Preaching the Gospel at ASU (Arizona State University) Tempe AZ


Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Anderson,

what about those people who live in this world but never get a chance to hear about God and the way to be saved?

I mean, a lot of people do and reject it, but there are also those who might live in a country like Nord Korea in some government camp where they will never hear about Jesus, or have lived in some country centuries ago where God and his Glory weren't known to most people. What will happen to them?

Kind regards,


John said...

The Bible clearly teaches pretribulation rapture.'s%20Corner/pretribulation_rapture.htm

sanderson1611 said...

@ John HAHAHA That article is hilarious! He actually says that the "falling away" in 2 Thessalonians 2 is the rapture! I guess he doesn't know that things "fall" down, not up!

Anonymous said...

Lamo excuse to try and disregard that.

If you really think we are going to live through the tribulation why aren't you more prepared. Like stocking food, water and other things for the coming financial collapse?

sanderson1611 said...

That's always a good way to respond when you have nothing to support your argument. First, call my response "lamo." Then, change the subject to something else.

Things don't fall up, and if you don't understand that, I don't know what to tell you. If common sense isn't enough, maybe you should read the article I posted in my comment which proves that from the Bible.

Anonymous said...

I could care less about your stupid "things fall up not down" I have heard very few people use that to prove a pre trip rapture anyway. Study it, we are not living through the tribulation. Your article proves nothing. I did not change the subject, just wanted to know why you would think we are living through those awful times and would be so unprepared. You're not worried about your family? I have 10 kids and I would be preparing. God wants us to be wise not stupid. I know you still haven't learned that yet.