Thursday, December 20, 2012

After the Tribulation FULL MOVIE

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed

Satan is working behind the scenes to set up a one world government and one world religion in preparation for the Antichrist. He has also deceived modern evangelical Christians into believing that they will be removed from this earth before the great tribulation takes place. This doctrine, known as the pre-tribulation rapture, teaches that Christ may return at any moment, and that there will be no signs of his coming. As a result of this deception, most Christians are completely unprepared for what the Bible has warned us is coming.

In this hard-hitting documentary, film-maker Paul Wittenberger (What in the World are They Spraying? and The Great Culling), Pastor Steven L Anderson, Pastor Roger Jimenez, and creation scientist Dr. Kent Hovind, prove from the King James Bible that the rapture will take place AFTER THE TRIBULATION but before God pours out his wrath upon this earth. They also expose Satan's plans for a global government and new world order.


Steven Baughman said...

Thank you so much for making this documentary. I was always taught and told to believe the pretrib rapture and it was always confusing to me. But after I started hearing some of your sermons, actually READING the Bible for myself and seeing what the Bible plainly says, the doctrine is as clear day. This documentary has put the posttrib rapture doctrine in a concise, easy to understand package that needs to be shown to every Bible believing Christian in the world.

Anonymous said...

The thing is whether you are per, post, or don't believe in the rapture, you will still be raptured

Anonymous said...

The only problem with that is, many will not be prepared when hard times come and will renounce their faith in order to preserve their worthless lives.

Anonymous said...

Used this interesting info at

The Rapture being fake and exposing the NWO for what it is... makes sense.

Anonymous said...

K Krammer UK. The documentary is a Excellent exegesis of pre-wrath position. Just to say Steve & Roger that We too are dogged by a pre-trib eisegesis by the evangelicals over here but to be honest the vast majority Believers wouldn't know what you're talking about in the first place. The dumbing down is incedible as most hold to Amelenialism but don't know it! Shalom

Anonymous said...

[Saw this on the web. Hermann]

Pretrib Rapture Pride

by Bruce Rockwell

Pretrib rapture promoters like Thomas Ice give the impression they know more than the early Church Fathers, the Reformers, the greatest Greek New Testament scholars including those who produced the KJV Bible, the founders of their favorite Bible schools, and even their own mentors!
Ice's mentor, Dallas Sem. president John Walvoord, couldn't find anyone holding to pretrib before 1830 - and Walvoord called John Darby and his Brethren followers "the early pretribulationists" (RQ, pp. 160-62). Ice belittles Walvoord and claims that several pre-1830 persons, including "Pseudo-Ephraem" and a "Rev. Morgan Edwards," taught a pretrib rapture. Even though the first one viewed Antichrist's arrival as the only "imminent" event, Ice (and Grant Jeffrey) audaciously claim he expected an "imminent" pretrib rapture! And Ice (and John Bray) have covered up Edwards' historicism which made a pretrib rapture impossible! Google historian Dave MacPherson's "Deceiving and Being Deceived" for documentation on these and similar historical distortions.
The same pretrib defenders, when combing ancient books, deviously read "pretrib" into phrases like "before Armageddon," "before the final conflagration," and "escape all these things"!
BTW, the KJV translators' other writings found in London's famed British Library (where MacPherson has researched) haven't a hint of pretrib rapturism. Is it possible that Ice etc. have found pretrib "proof" in the KJV that its translators never found?
Pretrib merchandisers like Ice claim that nothing is better pretrib proof than Rev. 3:10. They also cover up "Famous Rapture Watchers" (on Google) which shows how the greatest Greek NT scholars of all time interpreted it.
Pretrib didn't flourish in America much before the 1909 Scofield Bible which has pretribby "explanatory notes" in its margins. Not seen in the margins was jailed forger Scofield's criminal record throughout his life that David Lutzweiler has documented in his recent book "The Praise of Folly" which is available online.
Biola University's doctrinal statement says Christ's return is "premillennial" and "before the Tribulation." Although universities stand for "academic freedom," Biola has added these narrow, restrictive phrases - non-essentials the founders purposely didn't include in their original doctrinal statement when Biola was just a small Bible institute! And other Christian schools have also belittled their founders.
Ice, BTW, has a "Ph.D" issued by a tiny Texas school that wasn't authorized to issue degrees! Ice now says that he's working on another "Ph.D" via the University of Wales in Britain. For light on the degrees of Ice's scholarliness, Google "Bogus degree scandal prompts calls to wind up University of Wales," "Thomas Ice (Bloopers)," "be careful in polemics - Peripatetic Learning," and "Walvoord Melts Ice."
Other fascinating Google articles include "The Unoriginal John Darby," "X-raying Margaret," "Edward Irving in Unnerving," "Pretrib Rapture Politics," "Pretrib Rapture Secrets," "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty," "Pretrib Hypocrisy," "Pretrib Rapture Secrecy," and "Roots of Warlike Christian Zionism" - most from the author of "The Rapture Plot," the most accurate documentation on pretrib rapture history.
Can anyone guess who the last proud pretrib rapture holdout will be?

tungsten state said...

It is not certain that all born again Christians will be raptured. The rapture is a reward. Paul clearly points out in Phillipians 3, that he is 'pressing' to be in the first resurrection and rapture. He says 'not that i have already attained'. It is amazing that Paul, the great servant, is not sure he will be in the first resurrection and rapture, yet most American evangelicals assume they will be.

tungsten state said...

To anonymous. Why do you assume all born again christians will be in the first resurrection and rapture. Paul did not assume this. In Phillipians 3 he makes it clear that he is 'pressing' for this goal. read vs 11-13 of Phil 3. The first resurection is a reward to the faithful. Amazing that American evangelicals are more sure of being in the rapture than Paul, the great servant.

Anonymous said...

/Steven, you are a Christian genius and the wave of the future. I agree 100 percent with you. BTW, here's a goodie I saw on the net. Randy /

Margaret Macdonald's Rapture Chart !

"church" RAPTURE "church"
(present age) (tribulation)

In early 1830 Margaret was the very first one to see a pre-Antichrist (pretrib) rapture in the Bible - and John Walvoord and Hal Lindsey lend support for this claim!
Walvoord's "Rapture Question" (1979) says her view resembles the "partial-rapture view" and Lindsey's "The Rapture" (1983) admits that "she definitely teaches a partial rapture."
But there's more. Lindsey (p. 26) says that partial rapturists see only "spiritual" Christians in the rapture and "unspiritual" ones left behind to endure Antichrist's trial. And Walvoord (p. 97) calls partial rapturists "pretribulationists"!
Margaret's pretrib view was a partial rapture form of it since only those "filled with the Spirit" would be raptured before the revealing of the Antichrist. A few critics, who've been repeating more than researching, have noted "Church" in the tribulation section of her account. Since they haven't known that all partial rapturists see "Church" on earth after their pretrib rapture (see above chart), they've wrongly assumed that Margaret was a posttrib!
In Sep. 1830 Edward Irving's journal "The Morning Watch" (hereafter: TMW) was the first to publicly reflect her novel view when it saw spiritual "Philadelphia" raptured before "the great tribulation" and unspiritual "Laodicea" left on earth.
In Dec. 1830 John Darby (the so-called "father of dispensationalism" even though he wasn't first on any crucial aspect of it!) was still defending the historic posttrib rapture view in the "Christian Herald."
Pretrib didn't spring from a "church/Israel" dichotomy, as many have assumed, but sprang from a "church/church" one, as we've seen, and was based only on symbols!
But innate anti-Jewishness soon appeared. (As noted, TMW in Sep. 1830 saw only less worthy church members left behind.) In Sep. 1832 TMW said that less worthy church members and "Jews" would be left behind. But by Mar. 1833 TMW was sure that only "Jews" would face the Antichrist!
As late as 1837 the non-dichotomous Darby saw the church "going in with Him to the marriage, to wit, with Jerusalem and the Jews." And he didn't clearly teach pretrib until 1839. His basis then was the Rev. 12:5 "man child...caught up" symbol he'd "borrowed" (without giving credit) from Irving who had been the first to use it for the same purpose in 1831!
For related articles Google "X-Raying Margaret," "Edward Irving is Unnerving," "Pretrib Rapture's Missing Lines," "The Unoriginal John Darby," "Deceiving and Being Deceived" by D.M., "Pretrib Rapture Pride," "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" and "Scholars Weigh My Research." The most documented and accurate book on pretrib rapture history is "The Rapture Plot" (see Armageddon Books online) - a 300-pager that has hundreds of disarming facts (like the ones above) not found in any other source.

Hummingbird said...

Gentlemen I watched your documentary and it raised more questions than it answered.

First, you said that one should look to the first use of a word in scripture to understand it's use and meaning. So, why didn't you address the first clear picture of the Tribulation mentioned in scripture? Daniel, Chapters 10, 11 & 12.

Next, I didn't understand the reason for the criminal testimony from prison. I would have liked to have known for what crime he was incarcerated. Having a BA in Criminal Justice I am not inclined to give much credence to a guilty man.

You made a distinction between the Tribulation and God's Wrath and pointed to Revelation 6:16-17 as the beginning of God's Wrath but that is actually the Wrath of the Lamb. So, if you are making distinctions you need to also make a distinction between God's Wrath and the Lamb's wrath. God's wrath actually begins in Revelation 11:17-19.

You also don't seem to make a distinction between the general term tribulation and the Great Tribulation. Neither do you address the fact that in Romans 2 that Tribulation and anguish will come upon every soul of man that doeth evil but glory, honour and peace to every man that worketh good.

Neither do you address who the redeemed out of every kindred, tongue, people and nation are in Revelation 5 which is before the opening of the seals or release of the four horses of the apocalypse.

If you go back to Matthew 14 where the angels are sent out to gather the harvest you will find that what the angels gather are all things that offend and cast them into the fire and this is not a reference to the rapture but to the judgment.

I found it interesting that your focus seemed to be on the two words wrath and tribulation instead of the whole counsel of God's Word. That you did not address all end time references found in both the Old and New Testaments interesting.

Daniel was instructed to go his way that the books would be sealed to the time of the end. Therefore, if as you say, the pre-trib rapture is a rather recent doctrine perhaps that is the reason. However, I contend that the pre-trib rapture can be found all over the Bible if you simply look. Isaiah 26:20-12, 57:1-2; Joel 2:16-17.

I personally think you have a long way to go to prove your point.

Hummingbird said...

ps - you asked for one verse to disprove your theory - Revelation 3:22 Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. If as a Christian you fall into the category of the Church of Thyatira and are unrepentant -- then what punishment is great tribulation if the entire church is going through that same tribulation? Makes no sense to me.

Hummingbird said...

Finally, I appreciate that you posted my comments to your blog. I would like to remind all of us - Philippians 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

The rapture is a hot topic here in the close of this age, but your job as a Christian is to work out your salvation - then no matter when the rapture occurs you will be prepared to stand in the evil days in which we live.

You should not believe anything I say, nor any pastor or messenger from God unless you go into the scriptures and study to see if what is said is true.

Yes, I believe in a pre-trib rapture but in my mind and heart I am prepared for whatever comes my way.

Like Abraham, once I accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, repented and was baptized, I have been a sojourner here, looking for a city whose builder and maker is God.

My citizenship has been in heaven for 37 years. I have been in the Kingdom of God for a long time.

Examine yourselves and make sure you are in the faith.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

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