Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spanish Version of After the Tribulation Coming Summer 2014

This summer we will be releasing a Spanish version of After the Tribulation to YouTube and DVD. Translation of the movie is now underway, and we are going into the studio in early June to redo all of the audio in Spanish. Pastor Roger Jimenez and I will be doing our own voices, and Brother Chris Segura from Faithful Word Baptist Church will be supplying the voices for Dr. Kent Hovind and Dr. Roland Rasmussen. In addition Paul Wittenberger will be redoing visual elements, such as the Bible verses, charts, graphics, etc. At the end of the film, the Gospel will be clearly presented in Spanish.

This project is a major undertaking, but I believe we will reach a lot of Spanish-speaking people with this film. The English version of the film has already been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube, let alone all the thousands of DVDs that are out there. God willing, the Spanish edition will also be used by God to wake up many Christians who are asleep.

We are trying to raise $9,500 to pay for this project, so if you believe in what we are doing, please consider making a donation to the film. Every little bit counts!

Why do we need to raise money for the project? Well, even though a lot of this project is being done by volunteers, there are certain costs that cannot be avoided in order to do it right and make a professional film.

Audio Studio Expense and Post Audio Editing - $4,000
New Visual Graphics - $3,000
Manufacturing Costs - $2,000
Artwork - $250
Misc - $250 

Total = $9,500

This does not factor in the translation, which is being done by volunteers, nor travel expenses for Pastor Anderson, Pastor Jimenez, and Chris Segura to spend 3 days in Los Angeles recording the audio, which they will cover themselves.

Let's make this film happen!

Después de la Tribulación


El Fraude del Rapto Pre-Tribulación Expuesto

El Diablo está trabajando detrás de las escenas, para establecer un nuevo orden mundial y una única religión mundial, en preparación para el anticristo. También ha engañado modernos cristianos evangélicos en la creencia que van a ser removidos de la tierra antes de la gran tribulación sucede. Esta doctrina, conocida como el rapto pre-tribulación, enseña que Cristo puede volver en cualquier momento, y que no habrá señales de su venida. Por causa de este engaño, la mayoría de los cristianos no están preparados para lo que la Biblia nos ha advertido que viene.

En este contundente documental, el director de cine, Paul Wittenberger (What in the World are They Spraying? y The Great Culling), Pastor Steven L Anderson, Pastor Roger Jiménez, y el científico creacionista Kent Hovind, pruevan con la Biblia Reina Valera que el rapto ocurrirá después de la tribulación, pero antes de cuando Dios derrama su ira sobre la tierra. También exponen los planes del Diablo para un gobierno global y un nuevo orden mundial.


byfaithsaved said...

There is also a Dutch translation of After the tribulation / er is ook een Nederlandse versie van deze film genaamd "Na de tribulatie". Gratis te zien op

ultimatrompeta said...

Awesome video, brother. Keep up the faith. Greetings to all your people in Arizona, from your brothers in Nicaragua.