Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Response to Stephen R Nichols' False Accusations

First, I will post his lying accusations, and then I will post my response with the evidence.

I have been an avid online listener of yours for about 5 years now.  Some Sam GIMP follower was saying you had not been ordained by RBC, so I went to the horses mouth, and this is the letter I got in return. I was wondering if you would respond to it. I know there either has to be a perfectly good explanation, or someone is blatantly lying!  Because your account of events are vastly different from his. 
I know FWBC is independent, but I believe a church must have the pedigree or come from another independent baptist church. I also believe a pastor or missionary must be sent through the authority of a local independent church. 

Thank you

Your Brother in Christ, 

Begin forwarded message:
From: "Pastor Stephen R. Nichols" <>
Date: July 8, 2015 at 01:14:51 CDT
Subject: In Answer to Your ?
Dear Brother Jeremy,

No sir Steven Anderson is not ordained nor was he sent from any church, certainly not from Regency Baptist Church.  He is a self appointed Pastor. He quit Bible College and started his church. 

One day years ago as I was coming out of a store I met a young man who was rather wild looking with 2 different colors of hair. He was in the 11th grade and I gave him a tract &  invited him to church. A few months later he came to church with his parents and his younger sister. I was told that day that his parents had been led to Christ years before in Southern California by Dr Roland Rasmussen. The family had drifted from the Lord, then in time not too long after I met them his parents divorced. In spite of this Steven grew in the Lord became a faithful soul winner and when he finished public high school went to Germany on a Missions trip. There he met a young gal and they communicated by email. He flew her to the US, picked  her up at airport and had her recite the sinner's prayer so they could go to Reno and get married. He came to church and said this is my wife who couldn't hardly speak English very good at the time.

Not to long after that he informed me he was going to Bible College and off he went. 2 months before graduation he got into an argument with college staff and president over the King James Bible. Truth is, he was right in his belief but very wrong in how he handled it, i told him to just settle down, finish his course get his degree and move on. He told me he was quitting school and going to Phoenix to start a church, I told him he was young and needed to work under a Pastor to get some experience. He said nope. He was going. Well our people knew him so at the invitation of the next service I told the folks what his plans were and we prayed for him. We did not ordain him or send him out to be a Pastor. He decided God wanted him to Pastor and off he went.

Back in those days, none of us knew about his strange beliefs about future events or the Jews & Israel etc. This man is just using the Internet to push his agenda. We are not associated with him in any way, and disagree with him in doctrine in numerous things he believes and preaches.

I am however curious. How did you find the connection with me. From what I know our name is no longer on his web page. He has claimed for years that we are his mother/sending church which is patently false. A few years ago when he preached his sermon how he prayed for Obama to die, TV stations came to our church to interview me, at that point he finally responded to my requests and took my name and Churches name off of his web site. However, for some reason 2 or 3 people a week write or call about him. So I'm just curious how you found my name in connection with his.

Your Friend in Christ,

Brother Nichols

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Now, here is my response:

Hi Jeremy,

I hate to say this, but this email from Pastor Nichols is filled with outright lies, and I have plenty of witnesses to prove it. It should also be noted that Pastor Nichols has had severe health problems and has over the years taken hardcore drugs to combat them, and at one point a few years back, he suffered total amnesia to the point where he did not even know who his wife was, or that he was even a pastor, for about a week. At one point he even apologized to me for some of the mean things he had said to me and blamed it on the medications he had been taking. So in his defense, part of these lies could be explained by memory loss.

1. He is not the one who invited me to church, although he later tried to take credit for it. I was invited by a man I never saw again, and I don't know what his name was.

2. He claims my wife "could hardly speak English at the time." Anyone can testify that my wife's English was PERFECT when I met her. In fact, the first year we were married, my wife volunteered at the Christian school at Regency, helping kids with ENGLISH paces, among other things.

3. I didn't "have my wife recite the sinner's prayer." She actually got saved and was baptized by Pastor Nichols himself on a Sunday morning.

4. I asked Pastor Nichols if I should go to Hyles-Anderson, and he told me he thought it was a great idea. He told me that he had some concerns about Jack Schaap, but that he still thought that I should go.

5. When I told Pastor Nichols about the heresy being preached at Hyles-Anderson, I asked Pastor Nichols if I should leave. He said yes. I discussed with him the option of going to a different college to finish, coming home to be trained by him, or just starting the church in Phoenix that I had always planned to start. He said I should not come back to Sacramento because I shouldn't move my family around that many times. We talked about the other 2 options, and in the end, we BOTH agreed that I might as well just go to Phoenix and start the church. Once we came to that conclusion, these were his exact words: "Just get to Phoenix as fast as you can." He then admonished me to make sure that I made my family a priority, and that I don't get too busy in the ministry and neglect them.

6. Regarding "ordination," Pastor Nichols has a different definition than I do. He comes from a background where multiple pastors from various churches get together and "ordain" someone which is unscriptural. At our meeting on Saturday, November 12, 2005, Pastor Nichols put his hand on my shoulder and prayed for God to bless me as I went to start the church, that HE had just counselled me to start. Then he said that they would have me come out in the summer (7 months later) for a formal ordination service so that my entire family could be there. He came from a background where you start the church first, and then have a formal ordination service later (also unscriptural).

The next day, Sunday, he brought me on the platform of the church and said that they were sending me to Phoenix to start a church, and that although money was tight, Regency would find a way to help support me financially (something I never asked for). Over 100 people were there, including many of my relatives and Roger Jimenez and his wife.

In the next few months, I wrote Pastor Nichols 4 letters updating him on the progress of starting the church. He never wrote back to me, but he praised me from the pulpit at Regency for the great job I was doing (my sister Raani and her husband Bobby were also present for that, as well as my parents), and he printed the letters I sent in the church bulletin (see attached). He praised the fact that I had started a church with literally no financial support and was succeeding.

On May 21, 2006, I preached a sermon called "The Book of Revelation," where I disproved the pre-trib rapture. Pastor Nichols found out about it through his brother-in-law who had heard it. As summer got closer, I asked Pastor Nichols about the formal ordination service, and he said that they were very busy at the time, but that he would talk to the secretary Stephanie about the schedule, and that we would do it in a few months. Then at the end of the summer, I heard about another young man being ordained at Regency to run a Christian school (!) at a church a few hours away. That seemed pretty weird that there was time to have that, but not my ordination ceremony.

I called Pastor Nichols repeatedly, and he would never answer the phone. Finally, I called with my number withheld, and he picked right up immediately. I tried to talk to him, but he said he was busy. I said, "No, you need to talk to me right now. If you have a problem with me just say it, but don't just keep avoiding me and refusing to return my calls." He then told me that he had heard that I was preaching a pre-wrath rapture, and that because of unity, he would have to separate from me completely because of this doctrinal difference. My dad, who was a member of the church at that time, confronted him about it and can verify these things.

So, there you have it. I was prayed for and sent out to start a church in Phoenix by a local, independent Baptist church that initially was very proud of me, but then turned on me when they found out I wasn't pre-trib. Basically, I was sent like Uriah into the hottest part of the battle, and then the troops were withdrawn from me. Just because there never ended up being a formal ordination ceremony, I was still ordained in the Biblical sense (prayed for and sent out with the church's blessing to go start a new church in another area). At that point, I was the pastor of an INDEPENDENT Baptist church and no longer under Pastor Nichols' authority.

Pastor Nichols' motive to lie is obvious. He is embarrassed in the lame circles of fundamentalism that he fellowships for having "created a monster." However, that is no excuse for bearing false witness. I have physical evidence and numerous eye-witnesses. He has a lying story that can easily be proven to be false. You be the judge.

God bless,
Pastor Anderson

P.S. Define irony: he accuses my wife of not knowing English and says that she "couldn't hardly speak English very good at the time." Great English, Pastor Nichols!


Bulletin Image 1
Bulletin Image 2
Letter 1
Letter 2
Letter 3

UPDATE: Now Pastor Nichols is backing down from some of his outright lies and admitting that a formal summer ordination was planned. This is from a text message he just sent me:

"Your use of the bulletin and letters is pretty funny. Actually they support me beautifully in my response. Yes I was once very proud of you no doubt, I was never against you starting your church, never told u not to and intended to ordain and financially support you and be your sending church. Sadly it never got to happen, I told folks you were going and I even gave my blessing but perhaps you don't understand that I believe in formally before the church ordaining and sending..."

So apparently telling me, "Go start the church in Phoenix," is not "sending" me because there was no formal ordination ceremony later that summer. Apparently calling me in front of the church and saying, "We are sending Steven Anderson to Phoenix, AZ, to start a church and will try to support him financially," is not sending me since the money never materialized. Wow. I was a member of his church and went to Phoenix and started the church with his blessing and as a result of his counsel, but because I later preached against the pre-trib rapture, that makes my sending null and void in his mind.

Well, being prayed for and sent out by the church is all I biblically needed to start a church. I didn't need some unscriptural retro-active formality to sanctify what had already happened 6 months earlier!


Anthony Gatlin said...

Pastor Anderson, I could feel the hurt in your heart when I watched this video. I understand how you feel betrayed by someone you loved and respected. I am saddened by your pain.

There is no question in my mind that you are truly a man of God. God has blessed you greatly in your ministry. You and your church have already won so many souls to Christ. As you mentioned in a recent sermon, your church grows every month. Also, many thousands of people, like me, are edified by your hard preaching through the videos you post on YouTube. If you weren't sent by God, all of this would not be happening. You are God's messenger!

I am so thankful that you preach God's Word without any compromise. Perhaps this quality that I most appreciate about you.

May God continue to bless you, your beautiful family, and your precious church.

Christene Swanepoel said...

I read your wife's blog regularly. Some of her posts date way back and it is clear that there was nothing wrong with her English. Way better than most speaking the language, including me. She does not only master the Language perfectly but, above all, have a huge talent to write, this can easily be seen by the huge amount of posts on her blog.

Those who preach the truth are the ones who are prosecuted the most. I believed in the pre-trib rapture all my life, thanks to your sermon my eyes were opened to the truth and deception going on.

My prayers are with you and your family, may God Bless you abundantly for spreading His word in truth, no matter the tribulation you face each day for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 10:36.

Looks like Pastor Anderson has been stabbed in the back big time. No surprise.

Nice One! said...

This Nichols guy is lame. You don't need him.

You've moved on and bravo.

He never had to say a word. He's yellow.

Anthony Gatlin said...

I was just thinking a bit last night about how not every prophet was sent by men. Of course, you, Pastor Anderson, were ordained and sent. Even if you were not, it does not make you any less a prophet.

Just for quick examples, God spoke to Moses through the burning bush. No church or pastor ordained Moses to go and lead God's people out of Egypt. While Moses did eventually go and talk to the elders, it was God who ordained him--not them.

In the New Testament, of course we have Paul. Paul was ordained by God on the road to Damascus. He was already preaching to others before the apostles accepted him.

Beyond supernatural occurrences, we have John the Baptist who, the Bible says, was the greatest man who ever lived. He preached and won many souls. No church ordained him either.

Then, there was case where the apostles came to Jesus and told of one who was casting out devils in his name. This guy was also not ordained directly by the apostles, but Jesus told them it was OK.

The point is that while being sent by a church does offer a certain level of legitimacy and while it does help to filter bad seeds, I don't think one can seriously argue that all of God's messengers were sent from a church. (Well, actually, I am clearly saying that one cannot argue that at all.)

Today, everyone wants to pretend that all pastors should go to Bible college followed by years of seminary. Then they should be ordained by a major denomination where their doctrine is controlled by man rather than the Holy Spirit. No thanks. I will pass on that. I want to hear sermons which come from the Holy Spirit and the Bible through God's messenger directly to me. I don't want messages which come from Satan through a spiritually dead professor at a seminary through a spiritually dead false prophet preaching out of a fake Bible.

This whole issue over ordination is really a non-issue. You are God's messenger. There is no doubt about it.

I actually think Pastor Nichols may harbor more issues related to envy of your zeal and success than to a substantive objections to your preaching. I hope Pastor Nichols will repent and make things right between you.

Anonymous said...

Great post. So glad to have finally found the national pastor's blog!

Anonymous said...

This pastor Nichols made a fool out of himself. He's a joke. His lame church is falling apart because he is a compromiser. He lets heresy to be preached in his church. The love of money is the root of all evil. What a childish comment to attack pastor Anderson's wife's English as if that makes him a bad pastor. Now if her English was so bad how in the world did pastor Nichols baptize her without her testimony?? He's jealous of you pastor Anderson. You make a huge impact on eternal souls. May the Lord continue using you for His glory and help you in this persecution. God is on your side!

James Stampone said...

I'm just nauseous after reading this story. Pastor Nichols did so much back pedaling, he ought to consider joined the circus as a unicycle clown. He pulled a classic Simon Peter on this one. God bless you and your family PA!

James Stampone said...

I'm just nauseous after reading this story. Pastor Nichols did so much back pedaling, he ought to consider joined the circus as a unicycle clown. He pulled a classic Simon Peter on this one. God bless you and your family PA!

erlyn retiro said...

this is the only thing they can do, because they cannot disprove the post trib pre wrath rapture. they don't have a scripture to back up their pre trib lie, therefore, the only way to prove their lie is to attack a Pastor that preaches the truth! shame on those who do not study their bible and called themselves Pastor!

Peter James said...

Dear Pastor Anderson - While I don't personally want to see Obama die and go to hell or see homosexuals do the same, and while I personally do believe there was a Holocaust, and I believe in dispensationalism (Pre-trib rapture, though I believe it could be a pre-wrath Rapture, God can absolutely surprise us) ... yet ...

I have to say, you stand up for what you believe in, and that is rare today. While I would appreciate it if you seasoned some of what you said with a little bit more grace, I actually have no place to speak because we are INDEPENDENT BAPTIST folk. As autonomous churches, we have no authority over each other, though we can fellowship and make suggestions.

You have a treasure house of knowledge: constitution (defending our rights), hymn playing (I want to play hymns too), Greek language study (you are a great teacher), teaching, preaching. The list goes on.

I'd like to see you concentrate on these your gifts so necessary to your local church and not get so caught up in what others are saying about you. And yes, this past Pastor has hurt you and your family with his lies and we can't let outright lies stand, I agree. But, you can move on and have Christ fill your heart with forgiveness.

Many blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Anderson will you ever tells us on what heresy Hyles Anderson preached about?

And also waht do you think about Pastor De Anda from FBC

Anonymous said...

Great job defending yourself pastor, although it is sad that you had to under these circumstances. On the bright side, it again, testifies to the effectiveness of your ministry.

Whether the man is impaired by medications or not is moot. What is apparent is that IFB pastors are either scared or jealous or both and want to distance themselves from FWBC with vicious attacks.

I am appalled by the blatant character assignations: "rather wild looking with 2 different colors of hair" and "his parents divorced" as if that had anything to do with it.

Even if the subject of Steven's post-trib/pre-wrath views never came up in personal conversations, I find it hard to believe Nichols had not a clue given that he was aware of the Rasmussen connection. Roland Rasmussen was the most well known post-trib/pre-wrath, Nichols I find it hard to believe Nichols did not know it.

To just flat our reject that he sent Steven out it brazen. I would respect him more if he held that he DID send him out, but that in his mind, the deal was not fully consummated until for "dog and pony show" ordination ceremony was held. But in order to do that, he would have had to admit that he DID send Steven out, but never got around to the celebration. And of course, if he admitted that, he would not be able to take the low road of character assignation.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Anderson and spent the better part of a month worshiping with FWBC, and going on some soul-winning outings. If you want to say he is a little crazy, fine, he is zealous for sure. But he is the real deal and no one is going to convince me that he is anything but sincere and genuine.

Pastor Anderson has very high standards for whom he might send out. He would have to be a total two-faced hypocrite, but that is not feasible, especially given the "witnesses"

I have met some of the key witnesses that Pastor Anderson mentions who can testify that Nichols sent out Steven and gave announcements of his progress. These are grounded Christians and are not going to stand by Steven if here were a rogue, self-proclaimed pastor as Nichols falsely accuses.

The haters might succeed in sullying Pastor Anderson's reputation among their own flocks, but they only lose respect from those who support Pastor Anderson and know better.

Steve MacKenzie

Elijah Cortez said...

I saw your utube video about pre rapture before tribulation...I attend cornerstone church and I don't appreciate what your saying about Pastor Hagee or Billy Graham..... Its very judgemental of you sir.....first and foremost no one knows when JESUS returns only the father let alone you..... Now I commend for having the courage as a brother in CHRIST to share your convictions about this topic....but once again you don't kno when The KING returns.....I know where your wrong in all this.... And I'm going to show you...because just as you come before me and other believers I come before you to tell you where your wrong about this topic....remember one of key points here is that no one knows when KING JESUS one!!!!!!!

Elijah Cortez said...

I attend cornerstone..... I don't appreciate what your saying about my pastor....or Billy Graham.....

Nice One! said...

The two coloured hair, parents divorced thing really annoyed me too. As though that meant anything to Jesus or anyone else for that matter.

Nice One! said...

I wonder myself
I've listened to some jack hyles and it seems ok.
He's not my fave but it's OK.

Nice One! said...

Hagee is a Zionst shill.
Open your eyes!

Also I don't think pastor Anderson has ever said he knows when Jesus is coming. He just said it isn't right now.

I can see you're having trouble accepting the truth about pretty trib rapture. I'll pray for you brother.

Emily Chester said...

I'm appalled that a man of God would tell such blatant lies about sending you out to start a church. The Word says that Liars won't enter the kingdom of heaven. Your former pastor needs prayer. Can you refer me to what your message is titled about the rapture of the church? When did you preach it?I have always been taught the rapture will happen before the tribulation. I certainly don't want to have to live thru that mess!

Peter James said...

Dear Emily - While I am a pretribulational rapture believer, Steven Anderson is more pre-wrath, that we will go through the tribulation.

I want to say in defense of pre-wrath, a reason **not** to believe in the pre-trib is not because we get to escape the 'mess' that is going to be on planet earth. In fact, our brothers and sisters in third world countries are currently experiencing calamity upon calamity.

Even we as pretribulational believers should not expect to be exempt from tribulation or persecutions; they are coming. And if we are wrong, if the rapture is after the tribulation - this should not upset us in one bit because Christ has promised in Matthew 28 to be with us until the end of time.

- Peter James

Timothy James said...

Even we as pretribulational believers should not expect to be exempt from tribulation or persecutions; they are coming. And if we are wrong, if the rapture is after the tribulation - this should not upset us in one bit because Christ has promised in Matthew 28 to be with us until the end of time.

Peter James.

It Shouldn't upset you because you should be expecting it, It's what the bible tells us.

For example.

2 Thessalonians 2:3
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

At about this point you should hand slap your forehead and say..."Perhaps I should have been 'Watching".

Peter James said...

I need not say or do anything you want me to, Timothy James. I only need to follow and obey God, not your wile ways.

Miguel said...

Nichols is scared.