Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hundreds of Full Sermon Transcripts!

We have been getting all the preaching from Faithful Word Baptist Church transcribed, and hundreds of sermons are already finished. All of our sermons from now on will be transcribed, and the YouTube videos at the sanderson1611 channel now have subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. Here is are links to the transcriptions:


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!
I did catch one error so far though.
In "Repentance and Salvation" in the first paragraph it says:
"this is a subject that is very misinterpreted today"
It should read "misunderstood".
Also, when you enable English subtitles in YouTube, it's auto-generated (with many errors) and not the transcript.
I would really love to share this with my hard of hearing father (who is trusting in works for salvation).

Anonymous said...

This is a great resource for people who are looking for a specific verse or topic. For example, if someone wanted to find a sermon where you use the book of Proverbs, they can go to google and search: proverbs site:faithfulwordbaptist.org Every sermon where you mention Proverbs will come up!

sanderson1611 said...

Anonymous, thanks for the heads up! I am fixing the subtitles on "Repentance and Salvation" right now. It should be right in a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pastor!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Anderson,

At the end of our events of your "holocaust" sermons you mentioned words to the effect of "it really does make you wonder what else we've been taught is not real".

Well I highly recommend the Kay Griggs tapes. If you have not heard of them, they will give you further insight into the military, CIA and a variety of shocking things. I found them on YouTube but there are other places too. Quite long but so worth it.

I also don't believe Mozart was a sexual deviant as we are constantly told by hollyweird/"history" books. What the motivation for that is, I can only guess. I suppose an abasement of any God given talent.

And I don't think I believe in continental drift either

I believe people are waking up.

God bless you and your family. You have brought an immense amount of good into my life.

Anonymous said...

Good advice

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I am hard of hearing and the YouTube auto-generated subtitles are a joke. Having the transcripts means I can get solid Bible teaching through my eyes, the only way accessible to me.

Anonymous said...

Pastor I would love to see a sermon on whether Christians should participate in Advent. I've been looking in the bible on this and can't find it anywhere, it seems a very catholic influence and am curious as to why we are seeing this more and more in churches. I go to a Baptist church and they are celebrating this, this coming Sunday and the previous sundays till christmas. It doesn't seem like a bad thing to celebrate but I would like to see the bible clear this up for me. Thank you

Unknown said...

Pastor Anderson, how about having these sermons translated to Spanish?? Last week I gave our pastor's wife a cd copy of your sermons in English, it's ok because they're bilingual. The ones I gave her were "Once Saved Always Saved," "James 2 in context," and "Repentance and Salvation." I even numbered them and indicated they listen to Once Saved Always Saved first, James 2 in context second, and Repentance and Salvation third. I've been praying to God that they receive the Word of God and quit preachjng "Lordship Salvation" and repent of your sins and if you don't have the "type" of faith that has works, you're not saved! I also had her watch New World Order Bible Versions. I hope to God that they listen because if they don't they have a congregation of over 500 souls representing 14 different hispanic nations that are on their way to hell because of these false doctrines!! God bless you and your family!! Could you do more preaching on "Lordship Salvation"?? Also I have a new title for a hell sermon for you! "The Keys of Hell and Death". Before calvary, did the devil have those keys? If so, did the devil obtain them from Adam when he sinned in the garden of Eden?? The people that teach the "Abraham's Bosom" lie think that Jesus went to hell to snatch the keys of death and hell from the devil and go to that underworld paradise to take "captivity captive" back to the third heaven at his resurrection. I know because I use to believe that and it seemed to make sense and now looking at it in scripture, it doesn't make sense because they teach that you were saved by works before Jesus died on the cross. Oh yeah, and our pastor said in February that we shouldn't tell people that if they don't get saved, they'll go to hell because hell is empty right now, but that they'll go to "Hades"! So what now, are we teaching people to believe in "Hades", which is a false Greek god, and not in the true God and that there's a Hell?? I'd like to hear what you think about all this in a future sermon. I am following all your sermons every Sunday and Wednesday now and thanks to YouTube and SoundCloud, it's easier than ever!!

Anonymous said...

How bout a sermon transcript on Romans 3.

Anonymous said...

Pastor, I would love to see your interpretation and preaching on Romans ch 3. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

This guy Steven Anderson is a deep bible preacher and I'm getting filled with knowledge and I am passing it on because I preach in the jail ministry. Keep on fighting the good fight of faith brother and finish your course because only in the end will you know how many people you have fed and led to the lord.Your hard labor is being revealed weekly and your heavenly father looks and see's and is proud of you his Son.It will be worth it all when you hear him say to you well done.If I was looking for someone to fight a battle I would want you on my side God chose a great soldier when he called you to preach because you don't back down and that is a rare thing in this day and time.You still have a long battle ahead but he will go with you so take comfort in that.