Friday, January 22, 2016

Maui Vacation Day #3

Day #3 - Saturday, January 9, 2016

On Saturday morning, I was up at 2:50am and hung around the house for a few hours waiting for the sun to come up. For breakfast I had eggs and leftover fried fish, and Zsuzsa had a bowl of Hawaiian granola. The plan for the day was to drive the coast of West Maui and stop and see all the sights along the way. Zsuzsa wanted to stop at a farmer's market on the way there, but when we got there it turned out to be just a grocery store called "Farmer's Market," so we skipped that. In the morning, we went swimming at Napili Beach, which was Zsuzsa's first time ever actually swimming out into the ocean. After about an hour there, we headed for Honolua Bay where we spent a couple hours swimming and snorkeling, looking at the coral reefs and tropical fish there. The visibility wasn't that great on this particular day, but later in the trip we had lots of fantastic snorkeling experiences.

Napili Beach

Zsuzsa in her "Cute and Covered" maternity swimwear overlooking Honolua Bay

The jungle walk to the beach at Honolua Bay was really cool, complete with "Tarzan" vines to swing on, falling coconuts, and wild chickens.

We continued our drive around the West Maui coast and stopped at Nakalele Blowhole. At the roadside stand we bought some homemade chocolate chip cookies and coconut-covered cashews. You can see the blowhole from near the road, but we did the steep hike all the way to the bottom so we could get right near the blowhole...but not too near.

Sign at Nakalele Blowhole

Along the hike down

Waiting for it to blow

There she blows!

Sign along the road in West Maui

A little down the road from Nakalele Blowhole, the road was closed because of a car accident, so we had to backtrack instead of finishing the whole loop around West Maui. We ended up finishing the drive later in the trip. After the backtrack, we headed to Iao Valley State Park where we walked along the trails and saw the Iao Needle. For dinner we picked up one pound of barbecued pulled pork as a to go order from Fat Daddy's Smokehouse in Kihei. We ate this delicious meat back at the house on sliced bread that we had bought at Costco our first day in Maui. We were in bed by 9pm, and you guessed it, I was up the next morning at 3am again!

Iao Needle at Iao Valley State Park
Fat Daddy's Smokehouse bbq pulled pork dinner back at the house


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You can be sucked in & killed. It's not a Waterpark!
Direct & to the point... I like it!

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Wow, great view while eating a pork sammich!