Friday, December 16, 2016

Day #3 Guyana

“And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Daniel 11 :32

On the morning of Day 3, we preached the Gospel in a public school in Guyana called Friendship Secondary school. There were over 500 students there--maybe closer to 600 based on the amount of materials we handed out after the assembly. They basically shut down the whole school and packed all the students into an area so tight it was standing room only.

First, Shane, Rob, and I walked through the crowd and kind of looked for students that seemed receptive and talked to them one-on-one. We had 14 saved that way. Then I got up to preach. The teachers wanted me to preach on learning and taking education seriously, so I started out talking about gaining knowledge and understanding and just brought it to the Gospel.

I tried to be interactive during the presentation, and after I went through the whole plan of salvation, I asked for a show of hands of people who understood and believed it. I then led those students in a mass prayer, and hundreds prayed to receive Christ as Saviour. We didn’t count these in our official salvation totals since there wasn’t time to deal with them all one-on-one, but hopefully many of them got saved.

We brought around 475 Bibles, 150 audio CDs, 50 DVDs, and 400 flash drives. As students walked out the door we handed out these materials. Most students got a Bible and a flash drive with 30 sermons on it, but we just made sure that everyone got something.

The teachers were helping us hand it all out, and one teacher was strongly admonishing students to read the Bible and listen to the flash drives. Can you imagine this kind of cooperation from a public school in the United States?

Each teacher got a nice leather Bible, and when I was giving those out, four different teachers specified that they wanted a King James Version. (Of course, that’s all we ever use, but they didn’t know that.) It was great that, unlike a lot of people here in the United States, most Guyanese people seem to know which Bible is the right one.

After we left the school, we went over to a pastor’s house and enjoyed sampling more of the local food. Then we drove to Brother Boodram’s house (a deacon at Foundation Baptist Church) and had yet another lunch with him. We had some great conversation with him about what we all wanted to accomplish for the Lord, the spiritual condition of our countries, etc.

We got along very well with everyone from both Foundation Baptist and New Testament Baptist, and I was really impressed by their zeal. These guys are fired up for the Lord and have a great vision for the future. They love hard preaching down there, and they don’t want to compromise.

We left and drove into downtown Georgetown and did some sightseeing along the Atlantic Ocean. After that, we headed to a different church where I preached an evening service. The building was an open-air tabernacle, which was great because I felt like people walking by could hear me preach. I preached on alcohol since I noticed that drinking is a big problem in Guyana.

After church, we took a taxi cab to the dirt road where Brother Wayne picked us up and took us back to our remote jungle habitation. Brother Shane and Brother Rob would be staying a little longer, but this was my last day in Guyana. The next morning I was heading to Trinidad and was looking forward to meeting with a pastor there.

Here is the video of preaching at the school

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