Friday, October 6, 2017

KJVRVG App for iPhone & Android

I really like the new KJVRVG app for iPhone and Android. First of all, it has the entire New Testament read by Brother Domonique Davis who is a member of our church. It has very high sound quality as it was recorded in a studio. Sometimes when Brother Domonique is reading the scriptures, he yells and really gets into it, which is great.

I’m personally a strong believer in listening to the audio Bible. Obviously, we should also pick up a physical Bible and read it, but personally, I learn a lot more through listening. Some people are visual learners and other people are more auditory learners, and that’s me. I grew up listening to Alexander Scourby reading the Bible on cassette, so those recordings will always have a special place in my heart. Honestly though, listening to Domonique’s rendition is even better.

Just to have the audio New Testament read by Domonique Davis at your fingertips would be reason enough to love this app, but there are a lot of other cool features. The entire New Testament in Spanish is also included. Hundreds of hours went into making these recordings, and we get to enjoy the app for free. I especially enjoy listening to the Greek New Testament. It is the Textus Receptus read by a native Greek speaker. French, Hindi, and Portuguese are other languages you can hear the N.T. being read in on the app.

One of the best things about the app is that it includes the plan of salvation in many different languages. After you win someone to the Lord, you can help them download the KJVRVG app, so that they can start listening to the New Testament right away and growing in the Lord. If the person is a Navajo speaker, they are likely to appreciate the fact that the app features music in their native language.

Our Navajo hymn collection along with all of the other hymn recordings put out by our church are all right there in the app. Verity Baptist Church recently recorded a Spanish hymn CD, which is also included.

A lot of work has been put into this project, and from what I hear, they are going to add even more resources. I am looking forward to future updates, but the app is already awesome. Collin Schneide and company did a great job creating this new app.

Download it now and take advantage of this quality resource. Don’t forget to help them out by giving the app a 5 star review.

Here is the website for the application


Tony M said...

I downloaded the app but I seemed to be unable to use it when I was in a location with no wifi. Brother Davis' reading was awesome. I just has a question as to whether or not he meant to say "widowses" houses in his reading in Matthew 23. Hear it here at 1:38

Unknown said...

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