Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jamaica Missions Trip was a Huge Success

Regardless of the fact that I was banned from Jamaica, the Jamaica mission trip was still a huge success. Out of the 39 people who were planning on going on that trip, 37 of them made it to the field. The only two people who didn’t end up going were my son Isaac and me.

On a week-long mission trip, those 37 people got approximately 800 saved through personal soul winning, either one-on-one or in very small groups. Jamaica is an extremely receptive place, and people were ready to hear the Gospel.

Not only did the team do a lot of personal soul winning, but they also preached to many large crowds. I saw video footage of members of the team preaching to public school assemblies of around 500-600 teenagers. Not only that, but they also got to preach to smaller groups in individual classrooms. Sometimes they were given an entire hour to teach the Bible in these classes. In addition to the preaching they did in the schools, they were also able to preach in police departments to the police force, and they were even allowed onto a military base to preach to the military.

Thousands of people heard the gospel, and over 7,000 DVDS and flash drives were handed out, mainly the DVD “New World Order Bible Versions.” Not only are there now a lot of Baptist materials floating around Jamaica, but the media coverage of me getting banned will potentially cause millions of people all over the Caribbean to hear the Gospel message online.

With all of the negative publicity, you would think that some of the preaching engagements would have gotten canceled, but they all went off without a hitch. In fact, the only place that canceled anything was a left-wing university that decided not to show the movie Babylon U.S.A., probably for political reasons. The fact that our soul winners were received so well goes to show that it wasn’t the people of Jamaica that didn’t want us there.

As with other times I’ve been banned from a country, the media attention boosted internet traffic and millions of people heard the Word of God preached online. The trip itself was a major success, and it wasn’t slowed down whatsoever by me getting banned. Those 37 people accomplished a lot in Jamaica, and the 11 people in Aruba who my son and I were able to win to the Lord, definitely benefited from the change in our plans.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”—Romans 8:28'

Here is a sermon where I preached about the successes over there. The sermon is called "The Word of God is Not Bound" 


Anonymous said...

Well said Pastor.

What a wonderful result. It reminds me of all the twists and turns in the book of Esther where God turned every scheme of Haman and company against them and for the good of the Jews. Your getting banned probably got more souls saved than if you had made it there (the irony!).

I liked the great quip by Br. Kirchway: They banned the wrong guy.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Too bad nobody comes here

Anonymous said...

Do you agree that the statement "I gave my life to the Lord" is misleading?

Shouldn't it be the other way around: "he gave his life to us, or for us"?

Perpetual Expat said...

Any new blogs soon?

Anonymous said...

Pastor Anderson, can you please spread the word about how evil Wycliffe Bible translators is? They are a Satanic organization. My friend recently had to leave the organization because he wanted his wife to stay at home with their children but the organization said that he couldn't work for them if his wife refused to work in the office also. They told him that his wife was vulnerable to Satan if she didn't work for the organization. They completely disregard God's model for family!!! They are also followers of Chrislam and are producing faulty translations of the Bible.

These people are spreading heresy! I would love to see a sermon of the evils of Wycliffe Bible Translators so that more people don't fall into their trap!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is currently trying to get involved with the Wycliffe translators. He said he has a desire to reach different language groups who do not have Bibles in their language. I'd like to tell him, but are you sure this stuff is true?

Perpetual Expat said...

I know you're busy, but will you do any new blogs soon? It's been 2 months...

Anonymous said...

Is this true about the Wycliffe translators? I have a friend who is looking at joining them. He has a desire to get the Bible to languages that don't have one. If true, he needs to look elsewhere

Anonymous said...

But why ignore those in your own state begging for you to come?