Sunday, January 17, 2010

3rd Sunday of 2010

47 in attendance at church in the morning, 30 in the evening service, 44 saved through door-to-door soul-winning (that is an all time new record!) and 5 baptized after the service! In the am I preached on "Stepping Out in Faith," and in the pm I preached a sermon called "Only One Can Be Right."

Also one of the guys who got saved through soul-winning and baptized 2 weeks ago has been out soul-winning more than once this week himself with Victor who won him to the Lord. Saved, then baptized, then soul-winning! The cycle is complete!!!

Also, another man who has been going to our church for a couple of weeks now is going soul-winning for his first time with Brother Dave on Wednesday afternoon before the service.

This week I traveled to Washington DC and Virginia during the first half of the week, and the latter half of the week I stayed in AZ the whole time. On Saturday I had all 5 kids on my hands because my wife was taking her concealed weapon permit the entire day (8am-5pm). I decided to take all the kids to Sedona, a deer farm in Northern AZ, and Montezuma's Castle (a National Monument off the I-17). We left at about 5 in the morning and returned at about 6 in the evening.

We also brought along 2 friends from church: Richie Symes and Scott Brooke

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Zsuzsanna said...

The pictures are funny. Thanks again for taking the kids and bringing each of them back in one piece. They are still talking about the trip today. Best of all, I found more Izzy sodas in my trunk (which I plan on keeping all for myself). Love you!