Sunday, January 24, 2010

4th Sunday of 2010 (comments are now open)

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We had 44 in church this morning and 15-20 out soul-winning in the afternoon. I preached this morning about how Jesus and his disciples preached the Gospel to all the towns and small villages in Judaea during his earthly ministry, something that is mentioned MANY times in the 4 gospels.

After hours and hours of soul-winning, our church collectively had 29 people saved today! Our attendance in Sunday night church was 34.

A 15 year-old guy in our church, Gabriel, got saved and baptized 21 days ago (Chris and Victor knocked his door) and has been out door-to-door soul-winning with people from our church on 10 of the 21 days he's been saved! Only at Faithful Word! haha

This coming Saturday is our Small Town Soul-winning Marathon in Kearny, AZ! Listening to the above sermon from this morning will explain why and what we do.

We use Google Earth satellite images to see which streets have houses, and then we hand out street maps to everybody that are printed from Microsoft Streets and Trips. Then people report back once they have completed their map and we mark it off on the big map of the whole town.

Kearny is the biggest town we've done so far. The other five we did were towns ranging in size from a population of 1,500 - 2,500. Kearny is a little bit larger than that (the population is over 3,000), but the houses are close together.

On 3 of our marathons we completed the whole town in one day. On the other 2, just a few of us had to go back on another day to pick up the few streets we had missed.

We have some people come for an hour or two, some who come for half the day, and usually about half come for "the long haul!" We're trying to do 4 per year, but we skipped one at the end of 2009 because we were so busy. I'm excited about getting back into it, and I think this is going to be a very good town for it.

Here's a great website to get demographic and statistical info on towns:

You'll be shocked how much info there is! It tells you every possible stat about any town in America: population, income, ethnicity, even how they vote! It's pretty interesting, and it helps you get a feel for the town.

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