Monday, February 13, 2012

Film Trailer - "After the Tribulation"

"After the Tribulation," due out in late 2012 is being produced by Framing the World Productions, the makers of "The Great Culling." Director Paul Wittenberger also directed "What in the World are They Spraying?"

The final film will feature:

- HD video footage of Pastor Anderson preaching at Faithful Word Baptist Church
- Exclusive telephone interview with Kent Hovind from prison
- Pastor Anderson speaking to a religion class at Arizona State University about the tribulation, rapture, etc.
- Interviews with Pastor Roger Jimenez and Pastor Steven L Anderson


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to it sir.

Anonymous said...

I ultimately believe that people just don't read the bible with a mind willing to accept the truth. It's very clear that the rapture is "after the tribulation". There are going to be many people offended in that day. It's like I've hear you say in many of your sermons; "There are people that want to know the truth and there are people that do not." Keep preaching the truth. Just let us know when the DVD will be available. Thanks

Nov91 said...

I have been Pre-Trib since the day I was saved 20 years ago, but mostly because that is all I have ever been taught. But I have been listening to Pastor Anderson's sermons for about a year now and my heart is beginning to change. His sermon, "Facing the Tribulation" has done a lot to change my mind about things.

As Pastor Anderson says in that sermon, we can already see the beginning of the tattle-tale police state beginning even now and it is only going to get worse. Bible-believing Christians are hated today like I have not seen in my lifetime. The news media, the "entertainment" industry, and government hate Christ, Christians, and the Bible in an unbelievable way. In a way, I wear that like a badge of honor: but I also know it is the harbinger of terrible times to come.

Anonymous said...


Blood Bought said...

Jesus would never leave his blood bought church to endure the tribulation-we ae bought with a pice-and by teaching that we must be left on this earth to overcome is adding to the gospel of God's grace.

Foster said...

There is so much fear being spread through these kinds of teachings. Speculations of "chips" and
"implants". "You'll remember this sermon" the goal is for God's Word (Jesus Christ to be remembered) Not yours.