Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pastor Anderson interviewed on 2/20/12 on Call to Decision Radio Program


Gary R. Peterson said...

A fascinating interview. I never before connected Christian disinterest in what is going on behind the scenes (one-world govt, chemtrails, chipping citizens, etc) with a belief in a pre-trib rapture. I am an IFB and am one who holds to premillennialism, but like Pastor Anderson am not a Zionist and believe Christians are the chosen (I guess "supercessionist" would be the fancy word we learned in theology class. I was hanging on every word of the interview and am eager to check out the upcoming film.

Becky said...

Pastor Anderson, if - accoding to your Genesis preaching - women are not supposed to take pain killers while giving birth, I am asking myself if men are supposed to use electric tools and appliances, since God has ordained for them to eat bread in the sweat of their face. Electric appliances definitely make a hard job like mowing lawn etc. much easier and reduce sweating and sorrow. And to say you can't earn money if you don't use these tools would not count since most Amish orders don't use electricity and can still sell their goods and support their large families. And God did not take this curse back, since he said to Adam "In sorrow shalt thou eat of it ALL days of thy life".

You said in your sermon that nowadays it is not that hard to grow something. Well, that is only because of the use of machines. Working on the field is a very hard job if you don't have machines. And it is these machines and the oil and electricity they use, that pollute the environment.

If people lived like in the bible times, there would be no pollution at all. God says in Rev 11:18 that he will destroy those who destroy the earth. Well, Jesus did not pollute the earth with chemicals nor did the apostles, not even indirectly. But modern day man does through all of these new inventions. And there is a big difference between God destroying the work of His own hands and us destroying it. We are not God.

Pls give me your thoughts!