Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Is Janet Napolitano really a man?


Jonathan Jennifer Dale said...

Although I did find a refute on your movie:

Jonathan Jennifer Dale said...


Your church is awesome! I so want to go to your church! I have a passion for spreading the gospel and I can assist your church members in going out. My wife and I are talking about moving to Tempe. I'm in the middle of the Tribulation movie. All my life I never agreed with the pre-trib view.. where is the scripture for that The Bible doesn't support views like "escape from persecution, escape from trials".. in fact the very opposite, where the saints will suffer persecutions and various trials. Just read Daniel 8:23-26. Although the vast majority, I think like 95% of Christians and pastors agree with the pre-trib. I thought I was the only one out there believing that there isn't one.

I was starting to question my own thoughts on it. How can the vast majority believe in a pre-trib, and I'm the only one? Then maybe I'm the one who's wrong Then I came across your teaching. Your passionate and on fire which I like automatically You get me passionate and moving!

I'll be listening to more of your sermons.
I hope you'll still be the pastor for awhile there.