Saturday, April 6, 2013

Electricity and Marriage

volt·age [vohl-tij] noun. electromotive force or potential difference expressed in volts

volt [vohlt] noun. the SI unit of potential difference and electromotive force, formally defined to be the difference of electric potential between two points of a conductor carrying a constant current of one ampere, when the power dissipated between these points is equal to one watt. Abbreviation:  V

In my fire alarm business, I am constantly testing batteries and measuring their voltage. When a battery is completely dead, there is no potential difference between the positive and negative poles, and a multimeter will read 0 volts. This equilibrium produces no energy, and the battery is therefore worthless. 

 Magnetism operates on similar principles. There is a force of attraction between unlike poles and a force of repulsion between like poles. The difference between north and south produces the attraction.

What does any of this have to do with marriage?

The difference between men and women is what causes the attraction between them. When a man and woman get married, this attraction is very strong. There is very powerful electricity in their relationship. Often, however, the newness wears off over time, and the attraction can become very weak. The battery goes dead so to speak. Why is that? 

When a battery goes dead, it is because there is equilibrium between the positive and negative leads. Just as electrical energy is fueled by the difference between "positive" and "negative," and magnetic energy thrives on the difference between "north" and "south," so the male/female energy is powered by the difference between "masculine" and "feminine."  

 As our society destroys the differences between male and female, and especially husband and wife, the attraction becomes less and less, and the voltage of our marriages is reduced. That is why our sinful world views married life as being "boring" and "unexciting." In order to have an exciting love life, they must keep switching to a different partner. It is possible, on the other hand, to have a very exciting married life and be very strongly physically attracted to your spouse as long as the difference between the masculine and the feminine is maintained.

Modern American culture teaches us that there should be equality between a man and a woman in marriage. This is the biggest turn off in the world for both parties. If there is equality, then there will be much less attraction between the man and his wife. When there is a big difference between husband and wife, they will be much more attracted to one another. If the husband is completely in charge, and the wife is completely submissive and subject to him (as the Bible commands), then they will have a very "high voltage" love life. Equality = a dead battery.

 As men in America become more and more feminine, and women become more and more masculine, the difference between a man and his wife is dramatically reduced. Husbands and wives become more and more apathetic about their physical relationship with each other. This leads to people looking outside of their marriage for the spark and excitement they are lacking at home. If, on the other hand, the husband is firmly in power, being the head of household, sole breadwinner, and acting/dressing in a manly fashion, and the wife is very submissive to her husband, a homemaker, cooking and cleaning, wearing skirts/dresses, long hair, etc., the voltage of the relationship will be cranked up, and husband and wife will find themselves very strongly attracted to one another. Greater potential difference = stronger electromotive force.

The world will not accept this obvious, basic, scientific truth because it is not politically correct. Even though atheists claim to be scientific, they ignore all the empirical evidence and insist on male/female equality. Unfortunately many Christians are buying into similar philosophies in their home life and are consequently missing out on a truly electrified marriage.


Anonymous said...

this is a great concept and makes so much sense! i am a fan of your blog/sermons and listen to them online with my husband quite often, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your wife's blog!!

i just wanted to share that i recently tried an experiment after hearing you preach on marriage and dressed "biblically appropriate" all day, every day for one week. this included long skirts/dresses, overall modest clothing, and no make up, i dont wear much as it is because of the chemicals but none is different than some make up, and the shortest skirt i wore was still a few inches below the knee. i must say that what i observed over just one week was a big difference from such a small change. as i said before it was more of an experiment, but my husband was actually far more attracted to me with no make up and skirt on than when i get "dolled up" and commented on my appearance nearly every day, telling me how clean and natural my face looked, said i had healthier looking skin, even told me i looked beautiful several times! not that my husband is a jerk or hasnt told me that before, but i dont receive these complements with a made up face on. he honestly likes how i look in a skirt and the natural look more than make up. i found it kind of odd that i feel the need to wear eye liner and such to look pretty when really my husband is more than pleased with the way i look as God created me... but the most important thing i noticed was our attitude. i noticed that in proper roles we didnt argue or bicker or nag eachother about anything the entire week! im not just saying to wear a skirt and it will fix your marriage, but if you look and act the part of a proper husband/wife you will be blessed to have much more peace in your relationship.

thank you for all of the great blog posts and sermons, we look forward to more! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

Anonymous said...

I rated your post as funny! It was there for a while, but now it's gone. i thoughht younwould want to know, as I cannot believe you are doctoring your ratings as that would be dishonest. ;)

Dave O said...

Loved it. Never looked at this from this perspective but this makes a lot of sense.

manfrengensenjen said...

Very interesting metaphor. Thank you.

manfrengensenjen said...

Very interesting metaphor, thank you.

Megan said...

Can you please cite your sources for the "science" you claim in this post? I'm curious about where you are getting the data, you know, besides your interpretation of the bible.

Estevao Santanna Ramos said...

Megan, This is an easy question. The data is his experience in his marriege. It worked to his wife, it worked to others, it works between me and my girlfriend, it works to a lot of people. And guess what, those people are happy. So don't say anything if you had never experienced in your life. Got it?