Friday, July 26, 2013

Birthday/Anniversary Stay-cation Day 3 (July 25)

Today we left late in the morning to head down to Tucson, so I could spend a gift certificate I had received for Summit Hut. I had wanted to buy a pair of specialty running sandals, and no store in Phoenix seems to carry them. They could have been ordered online, but I figured it would be better to try them on and run around the store in them to make sure that I liked them before buying them. This is the model I ended up going with:

"But be shod with sandals; and not put on two coats." - Mark 6:9
Then while we were down in Tucson, we found a nice fish and chips place where we could have lunch. We decided to bring the baby on this particular outing since we were going all the way to Tucson and didn't want to worry about being gone too long.

After fish and chips, we walked over to a gelato place where I had some kind of chocolate and peanut butter gelato, and Zsuzsa had Tiramisu. We then just spent a while wandering around, chatting, and enjoying the nice weather.

After driving back to Phoenix and spending about an hour at the house, we headed out for our next activity: horseback riding!

We rode for about an hour on trails at South Mountain to reach a steak house where we had dinner. Then after dinner, we rode back down the same trails, but this time in the dark since night had fallen.


Argon Family said...

FUUUUUN! Can you send your mother here for a week? Hahaha! Oh and weird shoes! ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you allow folks to wear flip flops in church?

Amanda Smith said...

How lovely! Looks like you two had a marvelous time! What a lucky man you are Pastor Anderson, your wife is such a natural beauty! I decided to comment on this post even though it's from so long ago because I actually got an "answer" about something I've been struggling with for some time, and I thought it was a funny coincidence and wanted to 'share' with you (and the Mrs.) So, about six months ago I stopped wearing pants completely (and stopped allowing my four year old daughter to wear pants as well) after watching some of your old sermons with teachings from the Bible showing us that God has certain "standards" for how ladies dress that we should adhere to. Even though I was saved at 6yrs old and grew up in church, that was the FIRST time I had ever heard anything about clothing choices - biblically speaking that is. I felt so bad! Rest assured, that I have also read my Bible cover to cover twice and am on my way through the third time now since becoming a listener of your sermons as well. I never knew there was SO MUCH in the Bible that I didn't even KNOW ABOUT, that i had never been taught! Anyways, to finish up this long 'story' and get the point: I felt so guilty about all the years I was walking around in jeans/pants/men's attire ignorantly but I am also an avid horseback rider myself. So, when I would go for a ride I would wear the leggin' or stretch pant under my skirt and I have been really struggling with whether or not this is appropriate to do or not. So, when I saw these pictures and that your wife had on the exact same pair of "leggins" that I use under her skirt... I felt so much better! It was an "answer" to a question I have been struggling about for months! I thought that was pretty neat to get the answer I'd been seeking so 'out of the blue' in this way, and wanted to share! Hahaha! God Bless you and your family, and everything you all do in the service of Christ. I am continuing to pray for you all, and for your 'new arrival' and the trial you are going through surrounding that as well!
With Love in Christ-
Amanda :P