Monday, August 19, 2013

Free Piano Books!

Anyone who agrees to do a blog post about The Complete Church Piano Course will receive a copy of Book One mailed to them absolutely free! The blog post must include the following:

- A link to this site:

- A link to this video:

To get your free book, leave a comment in the comment section (I will not publish your comment, so your information will not be public). In your comment, please include:

- The web address of your blog
- Your name and mailing address so I can ship you the book

Once you receive the book, you will do a blog post about what you like or do not like about the book.

  36 pages, soft cover 
The Complete Church Piano Course: Book One
by Pastor Steven L Anderson

This piano course is designed to teach the absolute beginner the skills necessary to become a church pianist.

 In Book One, the basics of piano and chord playing are introduced. Right from the beginning, the student will be playing bona fide hymns in their proper keys which will enable him/her to begin playing in church immediately. All the songs in Book One are either in the key of “G” or the key of “C.”

In subsequent books, the student will learn how to play more elaborate chord patterns in the left hand, how to play in additional keys, how to play directly from the hymnal, the art of improvisation, and much more. Each book will build upon the concepts laid down in the previous book(s).

Songs included in Book One:
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Am I a Soldier of the Cross
At Calvary
Grace Greater Than Our Sin
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Jesus Loves Me
Nothing But the Blood
Our Great Saviour
Revive Us Again
There is a Fountain
We Three Kings
When the Battle’s Over

This book can only be purchased by US residents who live outside the state of Arizona. Arizona residents can pick up a FREE copy at Faithful Word Baptist Church. No international shipping available.


Argon Family said...

So, we do the blog post after it has arrived, right?

sanderson1611 said...

@Argon Family

Exactly. You can do the blog post after it arrives. That way you can give your opinion on it.


Argon Family said...

Okay, will do for sure! Thank you!

Mrs. A said...

We got it!!! Thank you SOOOOO much! And you sent way more than you should have, we are so thankful. What a treat. Me and kiddos rode 4wheeler to mailbox today, which is a treat in and of itself....then we got our package! The kiddos were so excited and can not wait to learn. Maybe Chad and I can learn, too. Kids are listening to a sermon cd you sent now. We are very thankful!!! Thank you guys for all you do! :)

~Jessica, speaking for whole family~

Kevin Cartwright said...

I think the thing I like the most about your new piano course is the fact that you don't "dumb it down" by changing the key that the hymn is supposed to be in! I've had books before that did that! A big waste of time and you can get yourself into trouble on the keyboard learning the hymn in two keys and then trying to play for church!

Ellie Rae said...

I will be happy to do a blog post now that I've gotten the book and looked it over. I will post it here, too, and on your wife's blog.

Ellie Rae said...

I have done the review on my blog:

I also put the review on two other blogs that I have, in addition to my FaceBook page.

I loved the book. It is great. Thanks.

Ellie Rae said...

Also, Pastor Anderson, I wonder if in your other piano books you teach the pianist, who often must sing along and lead singing, you teach them that the starting note of every song will be one of the notes in the 3-note chord?

I led singing, with my accordion, for years, but never could "get that key" when trying to start the song (I only played chords). I read in a self-teaching piano book that the starting note to any song will be one of the 3 notes in the basic chord.

Do you mention this in any of your books, or is it irrelevant, since you teach to play the melodies?

You don't have to publish this comment, I was just wondering. Your Book One was great and I gave it a good review. Thank you for sending it to me. My son is also a musician and thought the book was good.

Ellie Rae said...

Review is here:

Daniel Witham said...

Yeah I got the piano book and my nephew played in Church this morning. He has had piano lessons, and says this is way easier then any other book that he has. All the other piano books that he uses, can't even play in Church but with this one he played in Church right off the bat! Thank you so much for your prompt service, and giving us a free piano book. I will make sure my sister buys the other piano books, if she wants to. God bless

Daniel Witham said...

The piano book is great, my nephew played in Church today and said it was a lot easier then all the other piano books he has!! God bless you and thank you for your prompt service in sending the book out, I got the piano book in a few days after I did what you told me to do to get one!

Anonymous said...

Here is a review and a video. Thanks!

Julia said...

Thank you so much for sending us the piano books. My kids love them. I was wanting to get them for a long time, but I was waiting until we visited your church so I could look at them before I made up my mind to get them.
I am trying to do a blog post, but I am having trouble signing in to my blog. I think it is due to slow internet connection. As soon as I can figure it out I will do the post. Thanks again for the books.

Argon Family said...

Okay, got my review up and we are so pleased. I personally did not go through the book. The two oldest are, and one finished. OUr piano teacher got to see it and telling our kids to please give her the ordering info. She thought it was fantastic. I am happy to see Gracie pick up a hymn book and play with more knowledge. Thanks so much. We are so grateful for all you do and for your sweet family. Thank you again!!!!

Julia said...

I finally got it done. Here is the link to the post.

Argon Family said...

Pastor A.

I have someone who tried to order the books but couldn't. She is wondering if you do pay pal? She is asking under my review post on my blog, if you wanna answer there, or I will check back here and relay message to her. My piano teacher ordered hers! Thank you. I think many are interested!

Nicole Pelkey said...

Pastor Anderson,

Thank you sooo much. We recieved the books and cds today. What a wonderful surprise to find such a wonderful package of things!!! We really appreciate it so much! Our piano teacher was very interested when Jada told her about it. So we are excited to begin and also to share with others. Thank you again :)


Nicole Pelkey said...

Posted my review today on my blog.

Thanks again!!

Nicole Pelkey said...

Oh yeah, recently I started a closed group on facebook for homeschooling moms, called "On Mama's Chalkboard", and I have included a link there, as well as my review!

Anonymous said...

I really want to learn to play the paino and would love to buy a book from you but I am not knowing how to order one I have a hard time doing anything on computer I'm so amazed that I learned how to send a reply to blogs

Kirsty said...

We would love a copy of the piano books and would happily pay for them. Could you post to England? I know it says no international shipping, but this is just the thing that our 7 year old boy would love!