Monday, September 8, 2014

Any Translators Out There?

This is a great website ( that is carrying transcriptions of my sermons, Israel Moments, etc, as well as translations into Spanish and French. This website has made it possible for me to re-record the Israel Moments and Post-trib Moments into Spanish. My wife is also translating them into German for me, and I have already recorded a few of those. 

Does anyone else want to help translate some of these things into other languages? Modern Greek, Hungarian, and Romanian would be best, but any other languages would be good also. Thank you to "Simon Peter" for all his hard work with this!


Kevin said...

I could help out with the spanish translations.

Sibylle said...

I am a translator in French. I am currently working on translating After the Tribulation in French, by the way, which I had suggested earlier this summer. If you need help I would gladly translate some Israel or Post-trib moments into French. I don't know how much is covered by that website. I had seen one video of salvation and found the subtitles kind of disappointing.

sanderson1611 said...


Thank you so much for working on translating After the Tribulation in French! That will be great!

Simon Cyrénéen said...


Thanks to share on youtube and Facebook if you get french translation of "After the tribulation" and others.

to mihai said...

Hello, I would like to help with Romanian translation.

African Saint said...

How do we translate? I would really like to translate into Setswana too. Let me know please