Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Enough with the Animal Worship!

This picture has been going around facebook with the caption: "Can't we just do this test on the people who did it to these beautiful, innocent beagles?" People are commenting things like, "This makes me feel violent," and, "This is wrong for so many reasons."

Actually it
isn't wrong at all. They are testing it on animals in order to keep humans safe.

What is really wrong is the caption under the picture that says, "Can't we just do this test on the people who did it to these beautiful, innocent beagles?" What kind of a sick pervert would want to murder human beings because of how they treated an animal?! Jesus sent 2,000 pigs off a cliff to save 1 human life. People need to stop treating animals like they are people or something.

Recently there was a story in the news about a 15 year old girl who put a cat in the microwave. She was punished with 80 hours of community service, and people were freaking out and saying that it wasn't enough. Comments ranged from, "Give her 80 YEARS of community service, " to, "Put HER in the microwave."

Obviously I agree that it was a stupid thing to do, and that she should have been punished by her parents (give her a spanking and be done with it!). However, in my opinion, 80 hours of community service is more than enough punishment. Anyone who wants to see her put in a microwave is mentally ill, and yet that comment was not out of the ordinary. Comments like that are the norm for stories like that. By the way, the cat was not even harmed and is doing fine (what a relief!)

Something is seriously wrong with our society when we put animals on a pedestal. This animal-worshiping trend did not come from the Bible, and Christians should beware of adopting this perverted view of animals that elevates them to the level (or even above the level) of human beings. God created animals to be slaughtered, butchered, and eaten by humans. Their feathers are in my pillow, their skin is on my shoes, and their fat is in my soap!


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. GOD would rather kill an animal to cloth adam and eve than to let them keep their leave apron.
JESUS said we worth more than many sparrows!

Scott Simmons said...


Anonymous said...

Save the beagles. I would volunteer for that experiment. Beagles are sensitive beautiful dogs. If you know who I can contact to volunteer, let me know.

Ben Griffith said...

Right on point!



Anonymous said...

I definitely agree.

This is made worse by the satanic doctrine that "people are animals".

Animals simply do not compare to the life of a human.