Thursday, October 9, 2014

Muslim Hate and Pro-war Propaganda

There is a lot of media propaganda right now stirring up hatred against Muslims. Wake up! The Jewish bankers want to make sure that we are continually at war in the Middle East to

(1) make billions of dollars funding both sides of the war
(2) protect the racist, genocidal state of "Israel"

Don't get me wrong. Islam is a wicked religion, but so is Judaism! Neither religion believes that Jesus is the Son of God. In fact, the Jews' most holy book, the Talmud, says that Jesus was a bastard and that Mary was a whore. Why should we get involved in fighting in the Middle East? We should stay out of it. The Jews are under the curse of God for rejecting Jesus, so whatever bad thing happens to them is the judgement of God.

When you share the Jewish-controlled media's lying propaganda on Facebook and other social media, you are helping to continue the endless warfare, bloodshed, misery, and death. Instead, focus on exalting JESUS and the Bible, not the political propaganda of the month. We should rally around JESUS, not America, Israel, a political party or anything else. Jews and Muslims will alike burn in Hell, and we as CHRISTIANS will inherit the earth!

I just gave the Gospel to two different Muslims while out soul-winning yesterday evening. One was Nation of Islam and the other was a Sunni Muslim. Neither of them got saved, but they both listened to the Gospel. Over the years, I have gotten several Muslims saved, but I have never won a devout Jew to Christ. They rarely even listen to the Gospel.

One time an Orthodox Jewish young lady in Tempe listened to the entire Gospel and was close to getting saved, but that was a very rare situation. They usually shut you down right away and have zero interest in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Both Jews and Muslims are unsaved, but Muslims are much more receptive to the Gospel. Anyone who has done a lot of soul-winning could probably tell you the same thing.

The bottom line: be careful not to be brainwashed by the media into hating all Muslims, and do not allow them to stir up "war fever" in you. The wars that are being fought in the Middle East have nothing to do with protecting us here at home. Instead of hating Muslims, we should love them and give them the Gospel. "But they're trying to kill us!" No, that is just something you saw on TV. No Muslim has ever tried to kill you or anyone you know. "They hate us!" They only hate us because we drop bombs on them and give weapons to their enemy, Israel. If we stayed out of it and minded our own business, they wouldn't hate us.


Anonymous said...

Assad and Saddam Husseing were/are not Muslims. They killed more Muslims than the U.S. has killed. They were/are Baathist (communist>, and atheist.

Jason Wolfe said...

I completely agree that Muslim's are more receptive to the gospel than Jews. I've not yet personally had the opportunity to give the gospel to either, but while my wife was volunteering for Global Frontier Missions in Atlanta some Muslim's asked her why so many Christians identify more closely with the Jews than Muslims. They're offended by that because, they said, at least Muslim's respect Jesus, and view him as a prophet, etc., while Jews don't have anything good to say about Jesus!

I think the Muslim view of Jesus, though obviously wrong, at least gives Christians a much better starting-point for evangelism, than we have with Jews. Most Christians don't realize this, and in fact, I know quite a few Christians who outright hate Muslim's and won't even give them the gospel! Another satanic side-effect of dispensationalism.

Waverider5x said...

Totally agree with you Pastor Anderson.

Faith With Love said...

Just stumbled on this blog today when I was google-ing... but I thought I would chime in on this one...Muslims are certainly more willing to talk about Christ although their skewed idea that "our Bible has been changed", "Jesus is not God" and "God has no Son" makes them some of the hardest people to reach. Out of all the people I talk to each year preaching the Gospel (probably 100,000 people or more) as I distribute tracts and witness to people myself and my children in our community everyday and others cities, the Muslims next to the atheists have been the most aggressive towards me. Maybe because you don't have a high concentration of Muslims you are not feeling the full effect of Islam. Muslims come in a range also, some are very intelligent and polite while others can be down right rude, in your face and threaten you for witnessing to them as I have seen. I have had some knock the Bible out of my hand, throw a prayer rug at my feet and start loud chanting, grab me, and yell at me...In our area Islam is growing and changing things in Michigan. Some Muslims don't like us doing evangelism work and they threaten me, or intimidate me to stop. So don't sit there and tell people Islam is no threat to us. If Muslims made the laws for your state would they allow evangelism? I don't think so. Maybe Jews wouldn't either but maybe they would, look at the laws in Israel compared to Muslim countries about evangelism. If we went to a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia we are likely to come back in a body bag. But if we want to share the Gospel in Israel it's not that big of a think about it Steve which is better Islam or Judaism? I would have to say Judaism, and thank God the Jews respect freedom of religion and have a place in the middle East and it's not completely run by blood thirsty Muslim men so Christian can still have a witness there. Your view of Islam is based on your lack of experience with Muslims...have you even read the Qur'an? I am reading through it and it's very offensive to the Christians. Over again Muhammad mocks our beliefs, and tells the Muslims they are going to Hell if they become a Christian. This is the attitude that I find in many Muslims...some are seeking the truth while others mock just like atheists. The Jews that I have talked to got angry with me for talking about Jesus for the simple reason that Hitler had a "Jesus" and did things in the name of Jesus and they associate every "Christian" with the Catholic Church and think the Catholic Church was partly responsible for the Holocaust. This is why Jews seem unreceptive they have very little knowledge of how a fundamental Christian is not a Catholic...But I have been able to explain that we aren't Catholics and then they are receptive especially when we show from the prophets like Isaiah 53, Isaiah 9:6, and Psalm 22:16 that the Jesus of the Bible is their Messiah. The Jews by far respect our right to freedom of speech more than the Muslims just look at their countries, and laws Steve. I thank God for Israel, one of the greatest places on Earth to share Christ! :)

Shelby said...

Yes, agree.

In my limited experience a Muslim is happy to hear a reasoned position about Jesus. A Jew will slam a door in your face. I have started to wake up to the war machine and the propaganda. It was a LONG time coming though. I was thoroughly brainwashed but I thought I was informed!! It was God working on my life that my eyes were miraculously opened. I used to rant on about the Muslims being a source of the world's problems but now I know they are angry and can probably see what a terrible, corrupt, Godless,sodomite haven the West has become.

I used to think Jews and Christians were friends somehow, allies. I think i thought they accepted Jesus as the Messiah for gentiles but they had a different Messiah.

But now I know they think Christians are stupid dupes. I have also noticed the Zionist Hollywood propaganda as well. Shows like Seinfeld and the Simpsons are good examples. The "gentiles" are always portrayed as stupid, Jesus Christ is freely blasphemed but Jews and their God are never up for ridicule.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Keep away from the TV but that goes without saying. Be cautious about books and print media, especially anything masquerading as "news", too.

Thank you for the post and your wonderful invaluable preaching.