Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This is why I only do LIVE interviews anymore!


Shelby said...

What a prize weasel.

And what a good example of the media at work presenting lies as truth and then setting up strawman arguments. I'm tired of this "nazi" talk too. Hitler was a madman not a Christian, and he saw blond haired blue eyed GERMAN speakers as the master race. Not many of us fit in that category.

Also, how TYPICAL just to then throw that Obama - I mean Barry - thing in there "so you're racist if you don't like Barack Obama". Ties the two hobby horses together.

"Hiding behind the Bible" ... I had to have a good laugh about that.

But even though I laughed a bit, it was a generally a sickening display of the mass media in action.

Good job though. Well handled and cool under pressure.

Lego Arcus said...

Wow! It's been so long since I've watched TV, I had almost forgotten how wicked and deceitful it is!

John Anglin said...

High Five Pastor Anderson! You NAILED It!!!

krinks said...

The simple fact is that 90+% of homosexual men's first sexual encounter was when as a child he had sex with an adult. Hence all homosexuals are pedophiles.