Friday, March 13, 2015

The Gift of Tongues!

Right now, we are in the process of putting the films After the Tribulation and Marching to Zion into a multitude of foreign languages. Last summer, we released the full movie of ATT in Spanish, and it has already received over 125,000 views on YouTube! Now we are working on getting it into even more languages. So far, we have done German and Hungarian versions of the trailer, and we have also added subtitles to the English trailer in Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish.

Not only that, but even our brand new film Marching to Zion is being translated right now into Spanish and German. We have already added subtitles to the trailer in English, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, and Romanian. We also have a French version of the trailer in the works that should be out by next week!

If you, like me, have a burden to reach people in foreign countries with the Gospel and other truths from the word of God, there are a few ways you can help with this project. The internet is such a powerful tool to reach people even on the other side of the world with this powerful information. Also, films like these bring in a lot of viewers from other denominations, and even non-Christian viewers, and many of them need the plan of salvation at the end of the film. Not to mention the fact that Christians who speak other languages have a lot less resources like this in their language to help them learn the word of God.

Here are some ways you can help with this project:

1. Share the foreign language films with anyone you know who speaks these languages as we upload them to YouTube. If you know people who speak Spanish, let them know about Después de la Tribulación! Same thing with the other languages we are releasing these films in.

2. If you are fluent in a foreign language, translate one of the films or film trailers into that language and send it over to us so we can use it for subtitles and/or voice over. Visit the "text" page at the Faithful Word Baptist Church website to get the English text to translate and also to see which translations have already been done, and which ones still need to be done. Scroll to the bottom of the page and keep checking back because new translations are being added everyday!

3. If you are a native speaker and have access to high quality recording equipment, send over audio of you reading the script for either trailer (either After the Tribulation or Marching to Zion), so we can release a version of the trailer in that language!

4. Donate to the translation project. If you would like to see translations into a particular language, make a donation to Faithful Word Baptist Church specifying which language you would like the money to go toward, and we will translate these materials into that language. Some of these translations are being done by volunteers, but most of them are being done by professionals, which costs money. The more money comes in, the more translations can be produced.

Keep checking the "text" tab at the Faithful Word Baptist Church website to see the progress of the translation work (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the foreign language material).

Check this out: New World Order Bible Versions with Korean Subtitles!

Also, After the Tribulation with Korean Subtitles


Anonymous said...

Met a lot of Koreans lately so the vid you've linked will sure come in handy Pastor Anderson, thanks.

Sure wish I had another language in my kit bag though. Sadly I was a product of mediocre public schooling. I guess its never too late thoughh.


Anonymous said...

All I know is ASL. If you have English CC my ASL skills do you know good.