Saturday, May 30, 2015

Things I love about living in Phoenix, Arizona

These are in no particular order:

- No daylight savings time!

- The weather is warm year round.

- The main post office branch is open until 9:30pm every day.

- There is an Amazon fulfillment center located in Phoenix, so you can order things from Amazon and have them literally show up in a couple of hours!

- In the summertime, there is no fiddling with the hot and cold knobs to get the temperature just right. You just turn on the cold tap full blast, and the temperature is perfect!

- There is a beautiful view of the mountains in all 4 directions. There are also lots of beautiful palm trees everywhere.

- It is the only place in the world with Saguaro cactuses (cacti?).

- Some of the best gun laws in the nation! Any adult person can carry a gun either openly or concealed without a permit. (I'm not an expert, but I think you can open-carry at 18 and concealed-carry at 21, and you need a permit to carry into an establishment that sells alcohol)

- Raw milk, home birth, and home schooling are all legal!

- In the winter, you only have to drive about an hour and a half to get to the snow (I do this once per year, and the whole time, I am saying to myself, "Man, this is cold! Man, it's going to be great to go back to Phoenix!")

- The Codfather (best fish and chips), Med Fresh Grill (best Turkish/Greek food), Dave's Dog House (best chili dog), Pizza Studio (best pizza - sorry, Round Table), and plenty of Chipotle locations!

- When you get your drivers' license here, it literally expires in 40 years! Mine expires in 2046!

- Innumerable hiking trails, bike paths, mountains, bodies of water, etc, throughout the area, so that you never run out of outdoor activities.

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Anonymous said...

I love Arizona, sunny most of the time, no snow, no cold, and great food! I really want to move here in the future. And the best of all, Faithful Word baptist church is in Tempe! AHAH

Zsuzsanna said...

The best church, duh! :-) With the greatest hunk for a pastor (though I'm the only one allowed to think so, or else...)

Zsuzsanna said...


- fantastic infrastructure/freeways means virtually no traffic jams

- THE hub in the nation for organic produce at discount prices

- close to the border if stuff ever hits the fan (just saying...)

- within easy driving distance of California and the Pacific, without crazy CA laws

I'm getting carried away. Great post! This really is the best state!

Matt K said...

Not in Phoenix, but a short drive from Flagstaff are lava tubes which are fun to go hiking into and at the end of the tunnel it is so dark if you turn off your flashlights that you won't be able to see your anything.

Skinny Moose said...

I've been there once, it was too hot. I`ll stay in Alaska.

Sister in the Mid-west said...

It was interesting to learn these facts about Phoenix. I had no idea that it was such a great place to live. Everything on your list sounds very appealing!

Kristopher said...

What a randomly encouraging post!

We are moving out there on June 13th and we spent all day today doing preliminary packing.
We live in Orange County California and the weather is just perfect, so when we check the weather in Phoenix and it says 100+F it makes my pregnant wife a little nervous.
We are looking forward to joining the saints in Tempe/Phoenix!

PS: If anyone seeing this wants to help us unload a U-Haul on Saturday June 13th at Southpoint Apartments reply back and we'll get in touch.

Elle Ibanez said...

I didn't know Arizona was so laid back! I'm in the coastal bend of South Texas (Corpus Christi to be exact) and we have it pretty good here, too. Our governor just signed open carry into law! Homeschoolers can't be touched by the law and the food isn't bad. Plus, we live by the ocean!

Anonymous said...

This is great food for thought. Things are "ok" in Nc for now but times are changing and laws are changing as the liberals move in from up north to attend our colleges. I especially like the daylight savings, guns laws, and WARM WEATHER!!! I dread the winter lol. You forgot to mention you guys probably have year round swimming!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I stay in Scotland it rains almost all year round, its raining right now :), a holiday to Arizona would be awesome, isn't there a tree than only grows in Arizona and Israel? :)

Anonymous said...


I wish I could visit Arizona. It's always interested me. I think the landscape is beautiful.

great post btw


Anonymous said...


Brian Jones said...

Arizona is awesome...the last bastion of American toughness, unblemished by liberal lunacy.

Anonymous said...

I moved from AZ to TX last year, and it was a big mistake. Here are some things I can add:

- One license plate, no windshield stickers or stupid vehicle "safety inspections" I couldn't register my truck due to a broken turn signal lens. Seriously? It was broke the whole time I lived in AZ.

- Great diversity of landscape. Pine forests, red mesas, and jagged desert mountains. Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Slide Rock, etc.

- Intelligent people. At work, literally everyone I talked to was tuned in to the dangers of global government, and the eroding liberties in America. When I told people I didn't have television in my house there were a lot of "smart move" it's shock and horror.

- No chiggers or tornadoes (or very few, I should say)

- Flip flops year around (except church). (Sorry Pastor- they're not from Abercrombie and Fitch, but I love 'em)

AZ is awesome, and I miss it! One good thing about TX is no state income tax.

Alicia said...

My home state!! I grew up in Flagstaff and spent most of my adult life in Phoenix and Lake Havasu City. I don't miss the heat, but Sedona is my favorite place in the universe.

jeremy koehler said...

You had me convinced with the gun laws. :) I'm planning on moving my family there January next year we will be in Tuscan and move to Phoenix shortly after. I can't wait to finally get back to the states. I love Germany it will always have a special place in my heart but I need to get back home to the states. Thanks for this post sounds like a great place to raise children for God.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about the mistrust of brown people being coded into law. Also, do you really drink raw milk? I imagine you have never touched a cow, but I am from Wisconsin, and their teats are literally covered in feces. My public education taught me to avoid e coli....I don't know about you.