Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Romance languages!










Anonymous said...

Does it matter that faith cometh by HEARING? The subtitles mean that people will be READING the Gospel like they would a tract...just wondering if there's a difference.

Great work nonetheless.

sanderson1611 said...

Anonymous, the goal is that eventually these will all be dubbed with audio in these languages (some already have). The subtitles are just a start.

Also, there are MANY people in this world who know English as a second language, but they are not completely fluent in English. The subtitles in their native language will help them comprehend any parts of the English message that they have difficulty with.

Lawrence Rodriguez said...

Amén Pastor Steven L. Anderson, vosotros predicáis la palabra de Dios perfectamente. Vosotros vivís en el estado de Arizona desde que era un niño? Que le valla bien en vuestro maratón de gana almas! Dios lo bendiga.

Lawrence Rodriguez said...

Viva Pastor Anderson! Gracias por vuestro esfuerzo de brindarnos el Evangelio en Castellano. Vos tenéis un alma lleno de amor y compasión.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Anderson. Could you possibly talk a little about Daniels 70th week? I am struggling with this concept. I think it would be a very interesting study of the scripture.