Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Free Preaching CDs!

Email me your address if you want FREE preaching CDs. Shipping is also free. Just email your address to the church email address, located on the homepage of our church website and let me know which ones you want and how many. The only thing I ask in return is that you share them with others.

Here are the titles we have:

Overview of the Entire Bible
Pope Francis and His Lies
The New Man vs. the Old Man
Lessons from Dearborn
Speaking with Tongues
The Military Industrial Complex
Women Working in Light of the Bible
Transhumanism in Light of the Bible
Why We are Baptist 

Plus we have a few other CDs lying around that we'll probably throw in.


Anonymous said...

Only domestic or are you shipping them out internationally also?

Anonymous said...

Please make a film on REPENTANCE, rebuking the “repent of sins” salvation lie and send it out to Baptist churches in America and the rest of the world.

It’s not just semantics. Define REPENT from the KJV and let the sheep be divided from the goats and the shepherds divided from the hirelings. There needs to be a clear line of division between what is right (faith alone for salvation) and what is wrong (repent of sins/works salvation). I know you’ve covered this topic many a time, but please consider it. Call out Ray Comfort etc etc etc. Even if it’s like one of your independent films like AIDS: TJOG, MarxistLK, Birth Control and Failure to Obey. THANKS

Anonymous said...

Here are some excerpts of people (well-known preachers) saying you have to "repent of your sins" to be saved.

Please make the movie, pastor Steve!! Please send it out!!!

Anonymous said...

Some more crap taught by Ray Comfort. Thr link is below. Seems this GodResource guy on YouTube has some good clips of these heretics.

Luke Vincent said...

I completely agree guys and have requested kinda the same thing before in another blog post. It would be a great addition to the films you have made or helped make Pastor Anderson.

Anonymous said...

The word REPENT has been hijacked! Baptists need to take it back from the Lordship Salvationist. Ive heard baptists shy away from using the word repent (a change of mind or turning). That's dumb. I love pastor Anderson's sermon on REPENTANCE AND SALVATION cuz he just spells it out. God repents!!! God doesn't sin.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask about the piano course? I wasn't sure where I could ask.

In book 2, while learning octave/chord pattern, you say to play an octave higher. Wouldn't that mess up the song leader? (Our song leader is a man) Also, does that include the songs from book 1 we already them an octave higher? Is that a temporary thing while learning or is that the way we play from here on out?

Thank you. I really like the course and have learned a lot, but I just was getting confused about the new pattern. I will be playing in church for the first time next month and I want to be sure I'm doing it right. :)

81jpaterson said...

Hello Steven, do you an have an email address I can contact you on. I want to find out if you won your civil suit against BPatrol. I cant find it anywher on the internet,

81jpaterson said...

Hello Steven, are you able to PM me. I am have been watching your youtube vids on the border patrol incident but can not find any updates on how you went with your civil case. Are there any updates with that or what was the outcome.