Sunday, May 1, 2016

When Christians Do Nothing (about Paul Chappell)

Yesterday, Paul Chappell posted a blog post called "When Christians Do Nothing (about Target)." In the above video, I demonstrate using his own blog and his own statement of faith that he is a complete hypocrite. He thinks that Target is jeopardizing the safety of his granddaughters by allowing transgender men into the ladies' room. Yet he is not only inviting transgender freaks to attend his church and use his restrooms, he has gone even further than Target by also inviting those who practice bestiality to attend Lancaster Baptist Church and use their restrooms.

He doesn't seem to be worried about his grandSON being in a restroom with a sexual predator at Target (or at his own church for that matter, where sexual perverts are specifically invited), but he only worries that his grandDAUGHTER might be the prey of such a predator.

Not only that, but he will not allow any representative of his church to even be disrespectful to those who practice homosexuality or bestiality, let alone throw them out. They must be respected, embraced, and included. As long as they go in the right bathroom, everything will be fine according to him.

Before you accuse me of slandering Paul Chappell, watch the above video and see the evidence for yourself.


Anonymous said...


"In keeping with our beliefs regarding human sexuality as expressed in this statement of faith and in keeping with our purpose as expressed in Section 1.02, we have the following practical policies:
***All people are welcome to attend our regular worship services***
***Church representatives are not to display overt disrespect for those who are involved in the sinful behaviors listed in (K)(1) of this section.***

This is COMPLETELY schizophrenic. On the one hand, Paul Chappell says he will preach against sin, but will not "disrespect" the wanton sinners who he invites to freely take over the population of his church.

Utter insanity.

Shawn B said...


And here is the blog by Paul Chappell for those who want to see that this is indeed what he said:

And here is the statement of faith by Lancaster Baptist Church:
(Scroll down to the "Human Sexuality" part).

And indeed it looks like a lot of Baptist Churches have ignorantly copy n pasted the same generic statement of faith/doctrine which is not biblical in regards of allowing Sodomites into the church!!coEO62BJjZ2B2GruoyLO56OVkqNMeO6GQmm

Joe Scarafone said...

ATTENTION TARGET SHOPPERS! Love it Pastor. Keep up the great fire and brimstone, pulpit pounding frothing at the mouth preaching! It's refreshing, we need it. Amen!

Joe Scarafone said...

Love the fire and brimstone pulpit pounding, frothing at the mouth preaching! Hopefully you'll wake up some these politically correct asleep big black gubbment boot licking pastor/council people we have out here in CALI! Thank you so much Pastor!

Arthur Wray said...

Great sermon Pastor Anderson. Telling as it is. God bless you and all around you in Jesus Christ Holy and Precious Name, Amen.

Benoît said...

This is the tactic Satan uses these days. Get a fuss going about a detail while smuggling appalling things in broad daylight behind the scenes while people can't tell the forest for the tree.

Anonymous said...

He won't even stand up and speak out on his molesting brother here in Phoenix Mark chappell and he welcomes him in yearly for the teen conferences, which is his preferred choice of victims. Chappells and the Christian Law Association are in the business of protecting the predators not the innocent victims!!! Shame on them!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor, I was thinking the exact same thing!

I wrote a blog post on Christian involvement in politics because my IFB church is getting all riled up over Target. Someone posted Chappell's blog and I immediately thought of his "don;t ask, don't tell" homo policy at his church.

God bless,
Bro. Steve in Seattle

Anonymous said...

I'd say the world has gone to Hell. If I saw a man walking into a public Woman's room, I'd intervene and probably go to jail for it. In my grandfather's day, they'd have hanged him before dinner and been done with it, and everyone would have agreed that justice was served.

Insane days we live in. Sweet is sour. Up is down.

Anonymous said...

Personally i always take my son to use the family bathroom or else the disabled single room bathroom or else go with him.

It's incredibly unwise to let your kids, girl or boy, use the public bathroom alone EVER....transperverts or not.

There have been two or three rapes in shopping centre bathrooms where i live - and that is in low population areas in rural Australia!

And who knows what they're NOT reporting.

Anonymous said...

Yes exactly!

eternal gospel said...

It's funny how easily people, even Christians, can get totally sidetracked by some fringe issue like this while completely ignoring the MAIN issue. Great expose on this hypocrite.

Personally, I'm more offended by Walmart and it's rabid anti-worker, anti-labor, "ship your jobs overseas or we'll quit buying your merchandise" mentality. I'll never shop at Walmart, haven't in years, and see no need to start now. It's just like getting rid of TV, people are shocked you live without it, while I wonder how people can live WITH it! I'll keep going to Target and just take my son to the bathroom ....problem solved. He also knows Martial Arts if all else fails.

Jade wintergreen said...

Shame on Lancaster Baptist church.Paul Chapel needs to stop trying to be friends with everyone .and start standing up for what God says. But he won't because then he won't be able to be friends with everyone in his community.or be invited to pray in the next city council.