Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Time to Hate

If the only Sodomites you see are on the “hell-e-vision,” then you will gradually become softer on them. TV is not real, friend. Many Christians, if they are honest with themselves, would probably have to say that they were somewhat indifferent to what happened in Orlando. Well, having no love for the Sodomites is a start. I mean, good night, I would hope that most fundamental Baptists weren’t mourning a bunch of perverts carousing in a “gay” bar.

But now, persecution has come. The homos have come after us with their protests and other persecution, but it isn’t working. They think they will cause people to become more tolerant, but being confronted by protestors week after week has the opposite effect. It only makes the people at these churches angrier.

For those who have only seen the protests via the news clips, you are only seeing a part of what goes on. The media will show you the “Love Conquers Hate” signs, but they won’t show you the signs that say things like, “WE’RE GOING TO RAPE YOUR SISTERS AND MOTHERS.” Yes, that was an actual sign that was held up here at Faithful Word Baptist Church. Signs seen at Verity Baptist Church on Sunday morning mocked the Lord Jesus Christ, and on Sunday evening at Verity, a sign calling Pastor Jimenez an obscene name was shown to children as they made their way to their cars with their parents.

The protestors aren’t silent either - they mock people who are trying to ignore them. Calling godly ladies whores and tramps and making fun of an older man’s gray hair are a couple examples of the heckling that goes on as people make their way out of the building. This type of behavior only serves to get church members even more fired up about being faithful to church and doing more soul winning.

Yes, there are occasional casualties because this is a war. We are fighting a spiritual warfare, and I encourage you to stay in the battle. When someone leaves your church amidst persecution, why don’t you just take that person’s place by becoming more involved?

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

I’ve seen posts on facebook where the Sodomites are discussing which type of protest signs are more “effective.” I’m not sure how they think they can quantify this since we have not backed down. The Bible is still being preached, and the faithful keep showing up for church and soul winning. Perhaps by effective, they mean that the more peaceful sounding slogans make for better propaganda. No matter what the signs say, just having these freaks show up at our churches is very effective, but not in the way they intend. It is effective in waking up complacent Christians by turning their indifference into hate.

"A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace." Ecclesiastes 3:8


Anonymous said...

In 1984 I had to tell a middle-aged wife that her husband, who was in ICU critically ill with an uncertain illness, was in fact dying of AIDS. Apparently Thursday night poker with the boys didn't involve cards. She had no idea. She had only heard of AIDS. She was silent for what seemed to be an hour before asking me how he got the disease. I told her.

I have never seen a human being reduced to such misery, have never felt such compassion as I did that night with her, and have never given a damn about a man who'd do that to his woman.

Orthodox Baptist said...

Keep on keeping on Pastor!
The servant is not greater than his master, the world hated Jesus and the world will hate you for testifying of its evil works.

The cowardly Christians will have to choose one day as we know that these reprobates are not satisfied with their compromises. They want nothing less than 100% total unabashed support for their nasty "lifestyle".

Shawn B said...

The public indoctrination camps and hollyweird are definitely doing their jobs for Satan to brainwash the upcoming generations.

Tee said...

Lovely, pastor. I'm praying for you guys. Pray for me as a young woman, that I would have the boldness to open my mouth & make known the mystery of the Gospel unto every creature & make disciples. I'm north of the border in Canada, but if I had the means to travel down to Phoenix or Sacramento I would be there with u guys. I definitely feel as if I'm with u guys in spirit. There's a lot fewer of us up here; the fellowship gets tough & some of us on the same page as you tend to get singled out. Have a great week anyhow. God bless!

Unknown said...

Keep preaching pastor. We need more real people, preaching the real truth.

chrissy3083 said...

Amen. Thank you for caring so much and not being afraid to speak out against the world. You have definately made me stronger and even though I don't live near you I will continue to support the man who simply preaches and believes the bible.

David Spuria said...

I am one of those complacent Christians that have woken up thanks to your preaching and teaching.

Leslye Romero said...

The LGBT freaks will be protesting at our church on Sunday. There will likely be more police and media there than actual protestors. The cops are setting up shop for hundreds of protestors. These homos are all afraid of us because the media brainwashing works on them too. All because we believe the Bible. Please support Stedfast Baptist Church with your prayers. God bless the strong in spirit!

Gabriel Clemmons said...


Kcal via said...


Appalachian Quadzilla said...

Keep hammering, big guy!

Anonymous said...

"TV is not real, friend."

"...what happened in Orlando."

These two statements - in consecutive sentences - leapt off the the page while I read this post.

Pastor Anderson, as much as I respect you, it absolutely blows my mind that you are accepting the media narrative that 50 sodomites were killed in Orlando.

TV is most definitely not real. The "news" is nothing more than Hollywood fiction presented as fact. From fake shootings to fake bombings, we are being lied to - on a mind-blowing level - every single day.

And no wonder. Satan, the father of lies, has complete control over the media.

Orlando was a psyop with 3 main objectives:
- creating a pretext for all-out war against ISIS
- gun control
- generating sympathy for the faggots

And considering the fact that faggots are "full of...deceit", it should surprise no believer that the media was able to round up a bunch of homos to carry out this fraudulent event.

Pastor, I understand that your plate is more than full, and that you don't have time to research every fake news story out there (or to read every comment addressed to you, for that matter). But the evidence of Orlando fakery is overwhelming...and not hard to find.

Please consider confessing to your followers that you should have "proved all things" before assuming Orlando was real. You could even do this as part of a sermon that rips the media - and the sodomites - for being the LIARS that they are.

Thank you for your time. And thank you for all you've done to spread the gospel.

sanderson1611 said...

Anonymous, I don't know whether the official version on Orlando is true, nor do I care. What is a thousand times more important is how Christians have reacted to the news. When Christians are falling all over themselves to sympathize with a bunch of Sodomites, men of God need to rebuke their false doctrine and cowardice. I'm not interested in spending a bunch of time sifting through the sordid details of some "gay" nightclub. I'd rather just take the opportunity to breathe fire against the Sodomites.

God bless,
Pastor Anderson

Anonymous said...

Pastor Anderson, I sincerely appreciate the fact that you read and responded to my comment (June 24, 9:06 AM). I also appreciate the opportunity to follow up.

The truth about Orlando matters a lot. If we accept the false narrative created by the social engineers who run the media, we fall into their trap (actually Satan's trap) by further making their FAKE massacre the REAL story, when in fact the bigger issue is the media themselves! If it wasn't for the media (and their cohorts in government, big business, and so on) and their nonstop pro-faggot brainwashing, SODOMY WOULD NOT BE TOLERATED in this country, and the need to preach hard against the homos would not be so urgent!

I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT in favor of ripping face against the faggots and their sympathizers. But not at the expense of propagating media lies.

Pastor Anderson, I'm thankful that you will never back down from the sodomites. In a way, though, they're just the blind stones at the bottom of the reprobate pyramid. If you could entertain a suggestion...

Back away from that pyramid a few steps, and, while still battling the blind stones with one hand, use the other hand to take aim at the eye up top. Call out the satanic social engineers who orchestrate these fake-shooting hoaxes. (Yes, some research is required, but you don't have to sift through "sordid details" to see the blatant lies.)

By doing so, you would greatly help us truthers (so-called) who are trying to break the spell that "the news" has over the average American. More importantly, you, with your ministry's ever-expanding reach, would have a tremendous opportunity to attract many of those truthers to the gospel. They are fighting hard for a worthy cause. Unfortunately a lot of them are fighting without that sharp twoedged sword. You could help change that, for sure.

Having made my point (and a suggestion), I promise not to take up any more bandwidth regarding this issue.

Thank you again for your time, Pastor Anderson.

David Spuria said...

What I dreaded most about the whole event is the continued normalization of homosexuality. The rainbow hashtags, the proudtobe me it seems like a false flag event to generate more sympathy for these people. I mean who can be against Sodomy now after what took place. Americans are compassionate people and since there is almost no opposition to this agenda or access to the facts on what "the gay lifestyle" does to the human body, most people just think it's all fine and dandy. And Americans are getting fat and lazy and live and let live really means "I can't be bothered with the truth".

Anonymous said...

I think Orlando is just another false flag like Sandy Hoax. I've yet to see any REAL evidence that even 1 person died. The dark powers want civil war/martial law, remember this. Godspeed pastor A., nice sermon Wednesday, one of the best, even though audio sync bad and had many errors "due to content" before getting it going. Hope your back in San Antonio soon!!

admin said...

Love you Pastor Anderson. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi pastor Anderson. Sending you love, prayers and support from Canada. You're one of the few men willing to stand up for what's right. I've lost many close friends for shunning homosexuality and standing with the biblical truth. Keep shining your light and lighting more flames. Only Gods opinion of us matters so let them protest and shun us all the same.

Anonymous said...

Remain stedfast in the truth.

Praying fervently for you!!

Unknown said...

Praise God for preachers who stand for the WHOLE Bible! I'm so thankful for the wisdom you share, it has greatly affected my Christian walk. Thank you Pastor Anderson!

Chad and Jess said...

HEllo Pastor Anderson!! Just wanted to tell you we've got your back,and that we are so grateful you preach truth with fearlessness! We too are so sick of watered down Christians! Chad and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the best preaching. Our children listen nightly still and are blessed as well. Miss ya'll. Chad was bummed he missed you wen you were in Kalispell, Montana as its only a few hours from Bonners Ferry where we are. Anyway, keep it up!!! Thank you!

JEssica Argon (for all argon family)

Anonymous said...

I just came across the website and not only do they have a petition going to "remove pastor Jimenez tax exempt status" they also want his website shut down! They're trying to have people email the webpage provider etc. Please ask him to back it up just in case they do. His sermons etc are of utmost importance. Please make flash drives of all his sermons too (cc: Paul Wittenberger). Man, I hate the sodomites. Praying and rejoicing with you all in this tribulation.

Anonymous said...

That interview you had on NBC awhile back is hilarious. The host stated he was Jewish and then proceeded to decline Leviticus as truth, and didn't even know what the first commandment was. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

I just read the CRAZIEST comment of this whole thing. This is the definition of PSYCHO. God speed FWBC and all brethren sticking to the Word of God.

This is the comment by a Robert Graham:

"His congregation should be researched and every one of their profiles posted online including names, addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, names of parents and relatives along with pictures."

Say what now?????? Like seriously, it's on creepy stalking serial killer level now. SICK.

Anonymous said...

These Sodomites should be holding signs that read "we chose death, instead of life". If they want to be truthful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

This event is the Gay Holocaust.

Anonymous said...

That was the best.
I have shared it with people countless times.

Anonymous said...

My mother knew someone in around 1983/4 whose husband travelled a lot and got a mysterious illness. Basically the same story.
These guys, they don't care about anyone. They don't know what love is. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Some of the footage was laughable. Like how they threw that guy in a truck. And there were no ambulances. Load of garbage. Omar Mateen even had an IMDB page or whatever and he had been in two movies!! One good exposé i saw was Truthstreammedia on youtube. Extremely interesting.

Anonymous said...

I saw that. That is a sin sick person.

Anonymous said...