Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Coptic Orthodox Confusion

Bishoy Abdelshaid, an aggressive protestor of Verity Baptist Church, told the Sacramento Bee that he is a Member of St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church. He is protesting because of a sermon Pastor Jimenez preached against the homos after the Orlando shooting.

Although his specific “Sacramento diocese” located in Roseville, California, does not provide a detailed statement of faith on their website, they are part of the Coptic Orthodox church that follows a pope in Egypt, so a consistency in doctrine would be expected. A priest of another Coptic Orthodox location in the Bay Area stated that “homosexuals will not repent of their sins.” Further down the page this statement is contradicted when they are told to repent. This confusing information can be found on a website called religioustolerance.org. Interestingly, even the Coptic Orthodox Church hints at the reprobate doctrine.

Perhaps the question of whether or not all Sodomites are reprobates is just as controversial in Orthodox churches as it is among Baptists. Either way, they know it is a sin, they know it is unnatural, they acknowledge that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were homos, and they acknowledge that the death penalty was put on Sodomy in the book of Leviticus. So what is Bishoy so upset about unless he himself is a Sodomite? Maybe someone should tell him that his own religion condemns him. That freak is going to hell in every religion!

Solving the Dilemma

Even blinded unbelievers usually know instinctively that practicing homos are not saved, which presents a dilemma. They either have to believe that Sodomites must repent of that sin before getting saved, that they will automatically change after salvation, or that they are reprobates and it is too late for them. I obviously believe the latter since salvation is a free gift and not of works. Here is a sermon where I lay out the reprobate doctrine in more detail.

I realize that there are “gay” churches, but obviously those are run by reprobates themselves. Even before I came to the conclusion that being a Sodomite is a symptom of being a reprobate (see Romans 1), I knew that practicing homos were not saved. Any idiot knows that.

Regardless of what they actually believe about Sodomites, Coptic Orthodox churches are completely apostate because they teach a hardcore works salvation. If Bishoy Abdelshaid is an example of their typical member, I shudder to think what goes on in St. Mary’s children’s ministries. Not only was Bishoy seen on Twitter posing in a tutu, but in 2013, he re-tweeted a filthy post promoting pedophilia on a three-month old baby! Please pray that this wicked pervert is stopped before he hurts innocent children.

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Element said...

I'm a HUGE fan of yours Pastor. Keep up the good work, their is a few thousand that hasnt bowed the knee to Baal and we all support you 100%. God bless you.