Wednesday, November 30, 2016

TB Joshua Exposed as a False Prophet

If this man looks familiar, you may have seen him on the hell-e-vision station, “Emmanuel TV.” Hopefully you don’t watch that, but “Prophet T.B. Joshua” is the leader of Nigeria’s Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), and he recently announced that God told him the next president of the United States would be a woman. Since all the polls were saying Hillary was ahead, it’s not like T.B. was going out on a limb by predicting what people already knew…

Well, surprise, T.B. Joshua! Hillary didn’t win, so you are a proven false prophet! I’m not saying T.B. just guessed wrong about the election like a lot of other people did, but he actually said that GOD TOLD HIM a woman would win! Even after this epic fail, T.B.’s followers just can’t admit their hero is a fraud.

What about the irrelevance of his predictions? He gave advance notice of Michael Jackson’s death, but somehow he did not foresee the collapse of a SCOAN guesthouse in Lagos, which killed 115 of T.B. Joshua's followers. Regarding T.B. Joshua’s recent political prediction--Did people actually think that God felt the need to notify some guy in Nigeria of who the next U.S. president would be just 2 days before the election!? What would be the point?

It’s not like we had to hear about the failed prophecy to know T.B. Joshua was bad. From what I’ve read, the guy sounds Satanic, but he already lost me at being a popular TV preacher and by calling his church a synagogue! T. B. and others like him are wrong on all kinds of doctrine, including the Gospel, so they are false teachers anyway. There are Pentecostal/Charismatic preachers like this all over Africa, getting rich doing fake healings and making false predictions. We need more bold men of God living on the dark continent to rise up and speak out against these deceivers.

We aren’t living in the Old Testament where they only had part of the Bible and needed some additional information to know how to proceed. We can read Genesis through Revelation and then read it again, and learn something new every time. Unfortunately, the majority of people following these phony prophets haven’t even bothered to finish reading the Bible one time. The fact that people were so excited about T.B. Joshua’s big prediction just goes to show that they are more interested in what’s going on in politics than in the truths that God reveals to us in his word.

Here is a sermon to go with this article.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. If anyone is battling with people who proclaim TB Joshua a real Pastor, loads of resources are on

It's cult-like. I once tried to help a "Christian" who was besotted with TB Joshua. It's so clear they don't follow Jesus, but a man.

Another topic which could be worth a sermon on its own; fake healers. The TBN crowd usually just plant fake cripples in the crowd and heal them, and I remember brother Garrett speaking about them at FWBC. But what about "real people" getting "healed"? Someone who's distant family has a son; when he was a baby he was deaf. They travelled to Nigeria to visit TB Joshua, he "healed" and the baby stopped being deaf from then on. But TB is a fake. Biblically how does one explain this? So far the best explanation I heard was by a fellow called Dr Scott Johnson - that Satan could inflict someone with a demon or an illness, and then when the fake preacher "heals" Satan just removes the demon or illness - making it look like the fake preacher is actually legit. (of course, you just try telling that child's mother that TB is a fake!)

Plus... never trust a preacher who named himself after a disease. "Tuberculosis Joshua"