Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Keith Gomez Teaches Hyper-Dispensationalism

No one likes to admit to being "hyper-" anything because the word hyper implies that you have gone too far with something. Keith Gomez claims not to be a hyper-dispensationalist, but by anyone's definition, that is exactly what he is. I have been a fundamental Baptist my entire life, and there are two schools of thought on what makes someone a hyper-dispensationalist:

1. Teaching that people were saved by works in another dispensation
2. Teaching that only the books Paul wrote (Romans-Philemon) pertain to us today

Pastor Keith Gomez teaches BOTH of these points in just a few minutes, but he starts out by saying that he "is not a hyper-dispensationalist." Then what in the world is a hyper-dispensationalist?! The two points listed above are the most extreme dispensational views out there, so if they are not "hyper-" then what is hyper?

In the following short clip, he says that James 2 teaches salvation by works, but that it wasn't written to us, so it only applies to Jews. Then he says that Jews had to do works in the Old Testament in order to be saved. He also says that after the rapture, we will be back in the "Jewish economy" again (i.e. salvation by works).

In the next clip he lets us know that any doctrinal point made from the book of Hebrews is invalid, implying that losing your salvation is for another dispensation or for Jews. Listen for your self, and then decide whether or not Pastor Keith Gomez is a hyper-dispensationalist:

The Bible makes it crystal clear that ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine (2 Timothy 3:16) - NOT just the books the Apostle Paul wrote or books written specifically to the Gentiles. The entire New Testament is written to us as Christians! I won't even mention the fact that the book of Hebrews was actually written by the Apostle Paul anyway.

The Bible also makes it crystal clear that people have always been saved by calling upon the name of the Lord by faith WITHOUT WORKS and that they were eternally secure. Here are just a few scriptures on that.

Romans 4:

5 But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.
6 Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works,
7 Saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.
8 Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.

2 For if Abraham were justified by works, he hath whereof to glory; but not before God.
3 For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.

"And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the Lord." - Genesis 4:26

"To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins." - Acts 10:43

"Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear? But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they." - Acts 15:10-11

Click here to watch the sermon "Dispensationalism Debunked."


Steven Baughman said...

That garbage makes me fume. He was scoffing at folks that say, "that's what it says," like he doesn't believe what the Bible says. That always gets under my skin when people say, But who's it written to?

I asked one of these kinds once if I should just tear out everything that isn't "to me." "Oh no, uh, don't do that, uh…"

Linda said...

That's why Keith Gomez is having a prophecy conference with a hyper dispensationlist Sam Gipp. How can two walk together except they be agreed.

Mark H. from Dixon, IL said...

Tuesday night's session proved to me that Gipp is a satanic false accuser. That's about all it proved, however, as (yet again) he offered no Scriptural proof of his pre-trib, hyper-dispensational dogma. But there were plenty of slams and false accusations against Steven Anderson. Gipp is such a sack of dung. No.. I take that back, at least the sack of dung is good for fertilizer.

The TRUTH marches on and has nothing to fear from "Gippie the Clown".