Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pastor Keith Gomez on Slavery

I recently came across this clip of Pastor Keith Gomez preaching, and, wow! There is so much wrong in this one short clip:

Did you catch what he said at the very beginning? Apparently, Gomez is a hyper-dispensationalist who thinks only 13 books of the Bible from Romans to Philemon were written to us in the “church age.” I guess that’s why he likes fellow Ruckmanite, Sam Gipp.

I don’t know which Bible version Gomez is reading in his studies because nowhere in the book of Philemon are we told “how to treat our slaves.” Even the passages in the Old Testament that supposedly condone slavery have to do with bondservants, which were nothing like the slavery that took place in America, but to imply that we are encouraged to have slaves in the New Testament is ludicrous.

Not only does Gomez claim that Philemon says something that it doesn’t, but he challenges those who are against slavery to answer why the subject of how to treat our slaves is addressed in Philemon. No, we cannot answer that, Keith Gomez, because Philemon says nothing like that. The only verse I could find in Philemon that remotely mentions a servant (not a slave) is verse 16:

“Not now as a servant, but above a servant, a brother beloved, specially to me, but how much more unto thee, both in the flesh, and in the Lord?”

Well there you have it folks—the New Testament manual on how to treat your slaves. Actually, what Paul was saying to Philemon was, Hey this guy used to be your servant in the past, but now he is NOT your servant anymore. He is to be received as a brother, and not as a servant.

Gomez’s gross misinterpretation of the book of Philemon is nothing more than a lie and an excuse for a racist rant. He basically said that all black people would have a bone in their nose and be fighting lions in Africa if their ancestors hadn’t been kidnapped and brought here as slaves! And people in his church actually said “Amen” to that. Unbelievable!

“And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death.” Exodus 21:16

No wonder Gomez has to post his sermons on a password protected site. Keith Gomez, and others like him, are afraid to post their unbiblical sermons publicly because they don’t want to be called on the carpet for their false teaching. Lest I be accused of taking Gomez out of context, here is the link to the full sermon.


Perpetual Expat said...

He's a slave to McDonald's...

Steven Baughman said...

Then these goofballs will tell you that Hebrews is where the OT sacrifices are reinstated for their faith+works, after the pretrib rapture salvation plan.

I have yet to see it in there. I'm thankful that it acutally isn't in there.

Unknown said...

I just started going to this church last week, saved out of the Catholic church. If this was the sermon i walked in on the first sunday, I would go back to my Catholic church LOL. He preached last week on Ephesians 4, and it wasn't bad. I'll have to be careful tho

EarnedMyResp3ct said...

I think my comment didn't save. I said how I just started going to this church (Gomez's) last week, saved out of the Catholic church. If this had been the sermon I arrived to, I would've gone back to the Catholic church!
Just kidding but last week he preached on Ephesians 4 and it was pretty good, but I'll be careful

Vincent said...


Ahwatukee 59 said...

If people are following this inbred moron as their spiritual leader, then they are in serious trouble. Instead of listening to this fat tub of shit perhaps you should read the words of Jesus. Believe me you won’t find correlation to what this mongrel preaches.