Saturday, December 23, 2017

Beware of Secretive Religions

People often get sucked into cults because false prophets are intentionally deceptive. They don’t want you to notice that their doctrines contradict the Bible, and that many of their practices resemble open Satanism. They know certain things would raise a red flag to outsiders, so they don’t let you in on those details while it is still easy to just walk away.


For example, Mormons believe in multiple gods living on other planets and that Jesus is Satan’s brother. They literally believe that you must know a secret handshake to get into Heaven, but are these the doctrines they discuss with you at the door? No. They gradually try to lure you in with just talking about the teachings of Jesus and getting you involved in the social life.

In fact, some of the strangest doctrines aren’t taught to new members until they get married. This is by design since it helps keep people in the cult. Things start to get weird during the Satanic wedding ceremony in the Mormon temple, but once they get married, they are hooked. You see, the Mormon Church conveniently teaches that if either husband or wife wants to leave Mormonism the other should divorce their spouse. Wives are taught that their eternal destiny is dependent on their marriage to a Mormon. This is why you often hear about couples who made the decision to leave the church together. It is hard for just one of them to leave since they run the risk of losing their spouse.


Another cult that hides its strange teachings and practices is the Jehovah’s Witness Organization. They’ll say they want to study the Bible with you and will claim to be Christians, even though they don’t believe in the deity of Christ. The weirdest doctrines will come out later, and people who have left the JW cult will tell you how controlling the organization becomes.

JW elders have the power to “dis-fellowship” someone for something as minor as smoking a cigarette or going to a casino. Sometimes while someone is being disciplined, they’ll be allowed to attend meetings but people won’t be allowed to talk to them. They’ll have to write a letter to the elders to get back in good standing since the elders won’t be speaking to them either.

If you instead try to distance yourself from the organization, they’ll attempt to track you down to pressure you into meeting with them, just so they can kick you out. Your own family will then be instructed to shun you, but that smiling “witness” that handed you the Watchtower magazine out in front of Walmart never told you that.

Secret Societies

It’s not just JWs and Mormons that have dark secrets they don’t reveal to outsiders or newcomers. Other secret societies including the Freemasons and even many college fraternities also teach people to keep quiet about their inner workings.

As Christians, we are nothing like these cults and secret societies because we have nothing to hide. We should never be ashamed of any Bible doctrine. In fact, the Bible teaches that we should always be ready to answer questions about our faith.

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” 1 Peter 3:15

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard about this "take back the rainbow" movement coming out of Kentucky?

That was one of my precious Mother's favorite bible stories that she would read to me.

Anonymous said...

Moontan here. I was raised Baptist. Left as a teen and lived a rogue's life, but always with the haunting certainty that I was not where Christ wanted me. Signed up for Joseph Smith's outfit when I was 44. The 'hook' was the church's emphasis on family. Happy and content in my new church, I started learning the outright crap they believe that the missionaries don't tell you about. How depressing to learn of those things. It's like falling desperately in love with a woman, and discovering on your wedding night that she's a tranny. Thud. My affiliation lasted all of six months.

That was 20 years ago.

Unknown said...

I am glad you got out. The Holy Spirit tends to let you know something is just not right. But the scriptures will tell you straight up whats right. I have family on my wife's side that goes back to Brigham young coming over to Utah. I am terrified for all of them. They won't listen. I had to tell them even though it might have affected my relationships with them. Be blessed!