Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Letter to Chandler Police Department

 This letter was written by one of our church members Bro. Chad Morgan:

Dear Chief Duggan,

Last year my family and I visited El Cajon, CA to meat up with some new friends to go out into the community and share what the Bible says about Heaven. At that meet-up Michelle (my wife) and I were befriended by two ladies, a mom and daughter, Debbie and McKenzie Schroeder. These ladies had a smile on their face. Debbie is a dedicated mom; McKenzie is a kind young lady and a diligent student.

Today, when I came home I was greeted with the news that Debbie and McKenzie were ARRESTED while knocking doors of local Chandler residents to invite people to church and to share what the Bible says. (Our church practice 100% of the time is to leave when a resident tells us to do so). We are not trouble makers!

If it wasn't for the first hand accounts of friends who were with them and the video evidence that is now circulating, I wouldn't have believed it. Here are my questions for the Chief of Police, Chandler:

Is it normal procedure for the Chandler Police Department to arrest women who are knocking doors to give out information about their church or to ask residents if they would like to know what the Bible says?

How does a SERGEANT (Donna Reno) in the Chandler Police Department become so ignorant of the law of our nation and end up arresting law abiding citizens? The group even had a document in hand that Chandler officers ignored, while violating their 1st Amendment right. You wrote on the Chandler PD website, "We are committed to ensuring that Chandler remains a safe city where people want to live and work. Our officers are well-equipped, highly-trained, and engaged in the community. Our employees are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of professionals who take great pride in their work." How are Chandler officers "highly-trained" when they make bogus arrests based on what one or two citizens allege, instead of making decisions based upon law? Many of the locals wanted to hear our message or receive our information.

Why did officers lie to two other members of the group (not Debbie and McKenzie) and say that they had already been told to leave the community just to coerce them to leave? No community can trust officers who are lying whether intentional or not.

Where is the common sense in the decision to charge an 18 year old with "tampering with evidence" because instinct told her to pick up her mom's personal effects when they fell to the ground because an officer decided to grab her mother?

On the Chandler Police Website you wrote, "I am honored to serve alongside the men and women of the Chandler Police Department, who understand that, in order for us to successfully accomplish our mission, we must have the confidence, support, and respect of the people who visit, live, and work in our city." How does the Chandler PD maintain the confidence of it's community when it's officers lose their cool and bully local church members?

Tonight, as AZ visitors, my friends Debbie and McKenzie are in jail on false accusations and police incompetency. It's ridiculous! Their friends are livid, and we are NOT without a cause.

Charles Morgan,
Phoenix, AZ


Unknown said...

Wow. Of course a Femi-nazi police chief. So sorry to hear this, it makes me very angry. This is a result of Obama’s bullshit make believe “hate” laws. I will pray.

Unknown said...

Also why women should never be in any position of authority, i.e.: world leaders, management and obviously police officer

Ace Sambo said...

Do we have update on what happened on the officer who did this