Monday, May 8, 2017

Anti-Anderson Conference Day 1

Sam Gipp displays his intelligence with point 2: "Who's is he talking you? Jews"
The Anti-Anderson Conference is in full swing, and although the 3 hour morning sessions with Sam Gipp are not online, the evening services are being live-streamed. I tuned in for about a half hour yesterday evening before church and thought it was hilarious that the sermon was virtually identical to the one he preached at Treasure Valley Baptist Church almost 3 years ago when he denied Jesus as his messiah. He even told all the same corny jokes, used the same illustrations, etc. You would think that he would want to open the conference with some fresh material, not just warm over the same sermon from 3 years ago! These "evangelists" don't realize that in the age of the internet, it looks foolish to just keep preaching the exact same material over and over again with jokes that are obviously canned.

He even made the exact same mistakes as he did the first time, like when he claimed that there were only about 2 million people on the earth at the time of Christ - there were actually 200 million. The Bible records an army of Ethiopians that had 1 million people in it. Apparently Sam Gipp thinks that half the world's population in Bible days were Ethiopian soldiers. He should have watched my textual commentary of his sermon to at least correct a few basic errors. Since their is no video archive of his first sermon from the Anti-Anderson Conference, you can just watch this video of his sermon from 3 years ago since it was virtually the same sermon anyway!

When he got to the part in the sermon where he normally denies that Jesus is his Messiah, he left that part out this time.

This evening (Monday), I was able to tune in to the last half hour or so of Gipp's sermon, and it was non-stop jokes and rabbit trails. The part that I saw had virtually nothing to with the tribulation, the rapture, or anything else pertaining to the subjects at hand. He went on and on about the difference between the angels Michael and Gabriel, and he talked a lot about Lucifer in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, Jesus being tempted in the wilderness and fasting 40 days and 40 nights, etc. I have no idea what these things had to do with the point of his sermon or with the point of this conference. It seemed like it was just some of his favorite material that he uses on the road, so he pulled it out to fill time.

When Keith Gomez got up at the end for the altar call and invitation, he seemed disappointed and desperate since Sam Gipp had delivered no proof for a pre-trib rapture, so he quickly got out his two most powerful points on why After the Tribulation is wrong:

1. The great men of the past can't have been wrong. "We already fought these battles."
2. Don't listen to preachers on the internet.

Gomez then provided an opportunity for those who had "changed their view" on the rapture as a result of the sermon to come to the altar (even though the sermon wasn't even talking about the timing of the rapture).

If you don't have time to watch the above video of Sam Gipp's often repeated sermon against After the Tribulation with my textual commentary on the screen (I don't blame you!), here is a short highlight for you:


Shawn B said...

Ha ha, nice.
This Gipp guy is so bad that he makes Bryan Dillimnger look... well... not as bad. Ha ha

Chris King said...

It's as intelligent as listening to Michio Kaku trying to explain the origins of the universe! I am now even ""more"" sure of Post trib pre wrath. If the Tribulation is the wrath of God (as the pre-trib doctrine dictates) then Christians in the world today that are suffering persecution and Tribulation are under God's wrath? That whole pretrib rapture doctrine just falls through in so many places it's not funny. It's so obvious in the Bible even in the Old Testament that it's after the Tribulation if you read it without Schofield glasses on. We are learning so much from your preaching and ministry Pastor Anderson. God bless you and keep you and increase your understanding and knowledge of His word.

Raani said...


Wesley T said...

Well the "coup de gras" will be delivered tomorrow night from The M.C.O.G Dr. Sam Gipp. He is comimg after you Buddy!! He has a whole message about you, hahahaha. Now, what I want to know who is your puppet master? That is so hilarious. I sure how he doesn't say Paul Whittenberger because that will really show his stupidty. Gipp has it out for you, and in the meantime he is looking like a complete idiot and heretic.

Dave said...

Pastor Anderson's puppet master is the Holy Ghost.

Perpetual Expat said...

I have no idea who this Keith Gomez is, but he sounds like a blithering idiot to me. Sam Gipp, well there's no hope there... are they really calling it an "Anti Anderson Conference"?

eseabasi isip said...

Funny... T rue I bless God for the day I came across pastor L. Anderson's video @ a church party titled "After the Tribulation" it was a major turn around for me here in africa... Please I would like to contact him, Cuz we desperately need to prepare the church, strengthen her for the upcoming events and the return of our Lord.