Monday, July 14, 2014

Dr. Greg Dixon, Sr., Exposed

Dr. Greg Dixon teaches the same strange doctrine as cult leader Joey Faust. They call this doctrine "Kingdom Exclusion." It teaches that saved Christians will spend 1,000 years in the lake of fire during the millennium if they don't live right - sort of like a Baptist version of purgatory.

Joey Faust wrote an entire book about it called "The Rod: Will God Spare It." The original version of the book was explicit about saved Christians burning in the Lake of Fire for 1,000 years, but the current version of the book tones it down a little, although still teaching the same doctrine.

Dr. Greg J. Dixon has endorsed the book, had Joey Faust as a guest speaker at his conference, and has even preached Faust's doctrine himself as a guest preacher in another church (Independence Baptist Church - pastored by Sam Adams). Dr. Dixon is taking Faust's heresy on the road apparently!

Both Joey Faust and Greg Dixon are unsaved false prophets that should be marked and avoided. This doctrine they teach is probably the worst heresy I have ever heard from any Baptist in my entire life.

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