Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Satanic Rituals of the Mormons Exposed

This video was taken with a hidden camera in 2012 at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. This is the marriage ceremony that all Mormons go through when they get married in the temple. Below I will explain how blatantly Satanic this ceremony is.

Notice how when Lucifer shows up in the Garden of Eden in the video, he is wearing an apron that he says is the emblem of his "power and priesthood." (22:58-23:13) A little later he tells Adam and Eve to make aprons for themselves (23:38). Then the couples who are getting married in the Temple are told to put on aprons also (23:48-23:58). They keep these aprons on for the rest of the ceremony. Then at 1:17:41 they say, "Power and the priesthood be upon me and all my posterity..."

Stop and think about it: they are wearing the apron that Lucifer said was the emblem of HIS power and priesthood while they say, "Power and the priesthood be upon me and all my posterity..."! Whose power and priesthood? Lucifer's! No wonder they are so hard to get saved! They have placed themselves under a Satanic curse.

They also place themselves under the curse of Lucifer at other times in the ceremony by making covenants promising not to commit various sins. Then Lucifer makes it clear that if they do not live up to every covenant they make in the Temple that day, they will be under his power (42:52-43:05). Since everyone is going to sin at some point, they are obviously going to be under the power of Lucifer according to this ceremony. One of the things they promise not to do is "laugh loudly." (50:07-50:17) What in the world?! A Mormon was at my house recently and laughed loudly, and I said, "Careful! No loud laughter!" She said, "Oh, yeah, you're right."

Creepy Lucifer at 42:52-43:05
Also, in the video, Lucifer talks about how he is doing the same thing on earth that has always been done on other worlds in the past (24:54-25:19). Mormons will lie right to your face and tell you that they don't believe in people living on other planets and other gods, but here in their secret ceremonies they mention it openly.

Do not be deceived! LDS is the church of Latter Day Satan!


Jonathan Shelley said...

Who is Michael in the beginning of creation?

Nicholas Sweet said...

Thats insane that they think they are just like Baptists, how could they not know they are so deceived? That's a dumb question, but still...

Anonymous said...

The Wizard of Oz was behind the curtain. Shhhh.