Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beware of Con-Artist Ram Angad (Missionary to Guyana)

As you may know, we have broken fellowship with Ram Angad and are no longer participating with the revival at New Testament Baptist Church in Guyana. We still have a soul-winning team down there from Faithful Word Baptist Church and Verity Baptist Church, but they are now focusing on even more door-to-door soul-winning and are planning to preach in several more public schools.

The following screenshot shows a shocking conversation between Ram Angad and Chip Stowe of Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, where Ram Angad admits to only using us for money. The highlighted sections are from Chip Stowe, and the rest is all Ram: 


Like I mentioned in a previous post, mission board director Chip Stowe canceled  all of Ram’s support shortly after Ram had posted a video of me preaching in a school. They wanted him to make a video denouncing me and also denouncing the post tribulation rapture.

I thought Ram was taking a righteous stand by refusing to denounce me, but, as it turns out, he was just using us. One of the first major red flags was when I had to tell Ram he could not buy himself a 4-wheel drive truck with the revival money. Then someone sent me that screenshot where he basically admitted to lying and only working with us for the money. When I called Ram and confronted him about the screenshot, he did not deny sending those messages but tried to say it was “out of context.” He then changed the subject and tried to create an argument about the lyrics of the song, “Victory in Jesus,” which he had heard Brother Garrett mention in a sermon.

Here is the official letter where Chip Stowe tells supporting churches the reasons he cut off Ram Angad’s support. Notice he also mentions an “inappropriate conversation” where Ram was caught “pursuing” a young woman:


The following is the above referenced conversation where Ram is flirting with a pastor’s young single daughter while in the USA. Keep in mind that Ram is MARRIED:


As you can see, Ram Angad is wicked and a total phony. Not only is he a married man who was caught trolling for adultery, but he is a pastor and missionary who does not seem to care about souls being saved. He led us to believe he was a soul winner, but the soul-winning during the revival was all done by our people, not him. I think Ram only tagged along with Brother Garrett Kirchway a couple of times as a silent partner. Come to find out, before we got there, Ram’s “soul-winning ministry” consisted of nothing more than handing out tracts.

Don’t feel bad if you donated money to Ram leading up to or during the 40-day revival since over 100 people were saved and 28 baptized during that event. People showed up for the food and heard a lot of great preaching from our own missionary, Brother Garrett Kirchway. Brother Garrett won many of the church members and visitors to the Lord both before and after the services. People who knew virtually nothing about the Bible before were trained to be effective soul winners. Those people who got saved, baptized, and trained during the revival were worth every penny!

Brother Garrett Kirchway accomplished a lot over the last three weeks, but we now have several more people helping him in Guyana, and they are out soul-winning every day with great results. Not only that, but I will be personally heading down there at the end of the month.

Ram is running out of money and is desperate for support, but the above evidence shows he is nothing more than a con artist. It is sad that New Testament Baptist Church doesn't have a legitimate pastor because people in Guyana are hungry for biblical preaching. Unfortunately, we can’t always tell the sheep from the goats, but consider yourself warned that RAM is a goat.

“And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:” Matthew 25:22-34

Click here for an update on the work we are doing in Guyana.


Shawn B said...

Wow what he was doing with that woman sure was something.
I could totally tell that he was fishing with his comments to test her reaction and then progressed with more boldness as she allowed him.

Just wow.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad there are many souls now saved in Guyana because you sent some people down, and it's great that you can see the positive side of things even when something like this happens. You're definitely a better man than me, I'd be livid.

But seeing all this, I have to wonder. Remembering the horrible situation of South Fagrica, and Bob Gay supporting weird fag stuff, and now this. Who is the real enemy to us here? Is it the God-hating wicked world? Sure. But it just seems like the greatest enemy is within - we're being done in by fake Christians, professing Christians, who are cannibalising their own. It seems the world is our enemy, but apostate Christians who side with the world are the ones sticking the knife in. "Christians" were the back stabbers in getting you banned from SA and ruining all the plans. "Christians" like Bob Gray are promoting filth and throwing Christians under the bus who dare criticise that. "Christians" like Ram Angad are willing to abuse and bleed genuine believers dry of their prayers and money to support him and his lifestyle. I mean, who do you trust these days? Nobody!

What next? Hopefully Ram will fail miserably and one day get a job instead of suckering and leeching off real believers to support himself.

Anonymous said...

And btw, I have no idea how you got hold of the evidence, but kudos for getting it!

Anjalee said...

So sorry that your good nature got taken advantage of but pleased to hear that so many souls were won to Christ.

J-Guy said...

Shame about Angad, be great if one of your guys could replace him

Jerry said...

I have no idea how this jerk got my email address, but I just got an email from him asking for $.

Jerry said...

I don't know how this jerk got my info, but I just got an email from him asking for funding.

Anonymous said...

Asked him to remove me from his begging email list and he said this:

Hello brother in Guyana our culture is different and this lady is a friend of me and my wife but it way a set up from someone that pretending to be the girl and was not
Yours truly
Brother Ram

Anonymous said...

Also, there are no tigers in South America.