Tuesday, February 7, 2017

David Baker's Money-Making Scheme

In the process of exposing Johnny Nixon and Born that Way Ministries, I started digging a little deeper into this "Independent Baptist Online College" that Johnny Nixon and Bob Gray Sr. are involved in together. I noticed that the vice president of the college is David Baker who is also buddies with Johnny Nixon and “likes” everything Nixon posts on Facebook.

I came across this shocking infomercial where David Baker explains to pastors how they can make money by starting their own chapters of the unacredited online college. He basically wants pastors to get the young people in their churches to sign up for this online Bible college that they can do locally instead of going away to school, but it gets weirder...

Here’s how it works:

A pastor who signs up to start his own chapter of the college can make money by contributing one of his own classes. He is supposed to submit a video of himself teaching on some subject, and the members of his church who enroll in the college can pay to take that class. The tuition is 100 dollars per credit, and of that hundred dollars, the pastor who created the video and did the teaching only gets 30 dollars per credit.

In the example David Baker gives, he explains that if one hundred students each pay 200 dollars for a two-credit course, the pastor makes 6,000 bucks. Remember, the pastor only gets 30 percent, but these guys with the online college get 70 percent. That means David Baker and friends over at Independent Baptist Online College get 14,000 dollars for a class that some pastor taught in his own church!

The example course was “personal evangelism.” I guess as a pastor, I’m supposed to go to an empty room somewhere and talk into a camera and explain how to do soul-winning. Instead of uploading that video to YouTube where people can watch it for free, I should instead send it in to David Baker. He will then send it back to members of my church and charge them 200 dollars each to watch it.

Shouldn’t a pastor, who is already getting a salary to teach and preach the Bible, be giving people in his church this important information for free instead of charging them for it? Not only that, but why would anyone want to pay for an unaccredited online college anyway, when so much information is already available for free?

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10

Here is the video where I expose this scam in more detail.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven Church scam. Sending sales reps to churches to sell the Purpose Driven program at like $40k a church, with the promise of increased attendance = increased income. Yeah they get more people and they get more money, but those churches go to Hell.

$40k just to tell them to replace the KJV, replace hymns with CCM, replace pews with chairs, replace the organ/piano with rock instruments, start cell groups to cause confusion and to spy on members, reduce preaching to love-love-love sermonettes, and ostracise members who hold fast to the good old ways.

Edward Lund said...
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Anonymous said...

^ Interesting, but Pastor probably has bigger fish to fry right now than studying the controversial origins of a holiday. Cupid is pagan, but we can leave him out just like we leave Santa Claus out of Christmas.

Edward Lund said...

Well said Anonymous, keep at it! :)

Edward Lund said...
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Zsuzsanna said...

"AIDS free Christmas" label - LOL!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YouTube says your video is "unavailable." Available somewhere else?