Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Malawi Government's Position on Homosexuality

Malawi on Same-Sex Marriage

I mentioned a while back that the Sodomites tried to spread a rumor that we are banned from Malawi because of my position on “gay marriage.” (Again, I don’t really talk about fag marriage, anyway—I talk about Romans 1 and Leviticus 20:13)

The following excerpt from Wikipedia discusses the fact that same-sex marriage has been banned in Malawi:

“On 17 April 2015, The Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Law came into force and banned all same-sex marriages and unions. While the law was praised for raising the minimum age of heterosexual marriages from 16 to 18, it was at the same time condemned for the exclusion of homosexual couples and for its language stating that one's gender is assigned at birth. The new law does not allow people who have undergone gender reassignment surgery to marry someone of that person's prior gender and also draws comparisons of gay sex to rape and sexual harassment.”

Malawi on Immigration

The Malawi government also prohibits homosexuals from immigrating, putting them in the same category with prostitutes. The following is an excerpt from the Malawi government website regarding their immigration policy:


4. Prohibited immigrants

(1)Subject to this Act, the following persons shall be prohibited immigrants and their entry into or presence within Malawi shall be unlawful

(g)any prostitute or homosexual, or any person, male or female, who lives or has lived on or knowingly receives or has received any part of the earnings of prostitution or homosexuality, or has procured men or women for immoral purposes;

36. Aiding and abetting unlawful entry

(2)Any person who commits any fraudulent act or makes any false representation by conduct, statement or otherwise for the purpose of facilitating or assisting the entry of himself or any other person into Malawi, contrary to this Act, shall be liable to the penalties prescribed in subsection (1).

Deportable Offenses in Malawi

Interestingly, sodomy is listed under deportable offenses:

12. Incest, sodomy, bestiality, indecent assault or any unnatural offence

Although the Malawi government no longer arrests their own people for committing homosexual acts, they aren’t exactly Sodomite friendly either. They consider sodomy an “unnatural offense,” they don’t let homos get married, and they certainly don’t want any more of them moving into their country. In light of these facts, I doubt the Malawi government will be surprised that, as a Christian pastor, I am also against sodomy.

Here is a sermon on the Sodomite Agenda vs. Reality


Anonymous said...

I second that, you can get the same information from Malawi's immigration site. If Malawi actually had jobs, it should be THE place to be for us! The last president, Joyce Banda, wanted to start legalising faggotry - but she was ousted, linked to corruption I think.

It makes you wonder about Botswana though; being queer is illegal there, yet you got kicked out for hate speech against fags?! Think about this logically. If being queer is a criminal offence, and punishable by jail; what is legally the difference between saying "rapists should be hanged" and "fags should be stoned"? Yet it is socially acceptable for people to call for rapists and murderers to be killed, yet hate speech to call for sodomites to be killed. It makes no sense!

My only possible conclusions about Botswana are (one or more):
President Kgame is owned by South Africa.
President Kgame is owned by USA / NWO Zionists.
President Kgame is a sodomite.
President Kgame hates God.

Either way, Botswana has a real loser for their leader...

God bless Malawi! By the way, abortion is illegal too there! Keep it that way!

Steven Baughman said...

Caps lock isn't big enough for the amen I wanted to write for the semblance of righteousness in those anti homo laws. And what really burns me up is this "fluid gender" nonsense.

Doctor: *sees male parts* Congratulations, you have a son!
Lady giving birth: We'll let it decide. . .

WHAT? I've heard of science falsely so called with evolution and stuff, but now they're throwing ACTUAL, observable science out the window.

And I see the raising of the minimum age of marriage there(amen!), in contrast, aren't the homo pedos here in the US trying to get the age lowered? Rev 6:10  And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

HAHA, I am excited about the work Bro. Kirchway and his wife are going to continue over there. And to be honest, until I heard about how you (pastor Anderson and like believing) are sending out missionaries, I have always been wary of missionaries who do no soul winning and are more concerned with planting tons of churches and Bible colleges. And tracts! Oh the tract ministries! "I want to get a million tracts in the hands of the people in X country."

Then when these folks come to visit on furlough, "repent of your sins" salvation preaching. I will never give a dime to faith promise missions because I don't my money going to these false prophets.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well said Pastor!

I don't know if I agree that Africa is some sort of last Christian refuge in the latter days. It seems most sub-Saharan African countries have this kind of wording in their acts of parliament and various statutes, which are a legacy of 20th Century European colonial laws and conservatism. However, they are not vigorously enforced today due to the following reasons:

(1) Aggressive "human rights" NGOs and "civil society" (civic) organizations sponsored by Western cultural marxists and governments that roll up the rights of feminists, sodomites, transgenders, atheists and poor people into one cause. Sodomite activism is alive in many African capitals where the laws are written very strictly.

(2) "Ecumenivangelical" preachers of mainstream churches where presidents, politicians and policymakers worship. These churches mix Pentecostalism with local animist religious practices and have hybrid names (such as African Pentecostal, African Methodist, African Presbyterian, African Anglican etc.). Others are Africanized versions of Western repent-of-your-sins televangelism (like T. B. Joshua). While many of these churches might oppose sodomy, they are cautious in their criticism because it can be deemed...

(3) "Hate speech". Countries in sub-Saharan Africa don't have strong constitutions, or if they seemingly do, they're modeled on the UN Human Rights Charter, which gives lip service only to free speech unlike the First Amendment. The Second Amendment is absent entirely in these countries as a legacy of colonial law proscribing gun ownership by indigenous Africans. So are the Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments. Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But the Spirit of the Lord is not in their populace and so there is no liberty in these countries.

(4) Pedophile rings that have great corrupting influence on sub-Saharan governments to look the other way to their filthy activities using filthy lucre. Pizzagate showed the extent of the rot in Washington, D.C., with tentacles reaching all the way into Africa as child trafficking via so-called orphanages and Christian missionary adoption agencies catering to sodomites and pedophiles in Hollywood and D.C. There is currently a spirited political drive to lower age of consent in most sub-Saharan countries.

(5) Various cultures in sub-Saharan African have "traditional" loopholes that are recognized as customary law by their courts that weaken strict law enforcement such as polygamy, wife adoption, catamite traditions and "muti" (witchcraft).

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, honestly I'm not sure. Southern African countries are indeed more conservative, but the governments are wicked. Then there's South Africa which is a whole different kettle of fish.

Here are some rabbit trails...

Look at the Zionist involvement in UK colonisation in the 1800s and 1900s. South Africa definitely has deep rooted Zionist roots - Cecil John Rhodes (who was also a fag), Barney Barnato, the Oppenheimers, Lord Milner, Alfred Beit to name a few. Look at the Jewish influence in the merger of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (today Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi) which was a political and racist merger in the 1950s.

Look at Freemasonry in Southern Africa. e.g. England annexed the Cape Province in 1818, in 1820 the SA Bible Society was started - the chairman was the Cape Governor, Rufane Donkin - a freemason. Freemasons still very active in South Africa. e.g. Johannesburg has a business area near Oxford Road, obelisks abound - a local IT company EOH is blatantly Masonic. Look at "The Round Table" which is freemasonry involved in colonialism.

Communism. Most sub-Saharan African countries are Communist/Marxist. Communism works ideally with Atheism - since Bible believing Christians make poor slaves as they esteem God above state. But people in Africa are deeply religious as a whole. So they kind of have to enforce Satanic communist policies while keeping the masses placated somehow.

Also in sub-Saharan Africa it's a cultural thing to have blind respect for those in authority, so they vote for leaders and do as they are told, even if they know their president is evil; just as the blindly respect anyone who claims to be a man of God.

So you see a lot in Africa that the leaders are haters of God, yet use God's name to push their filthy policies on the people. In South Africa, the president (corrupt, rapist, witchcraft, blasphemer, adulterer, polygamist) is an ordained Pastor, so is the fag-loving phoney who leads the opposition. Zimbabwe, the leader is a Jesuit and wicked as hell, but uses God to invoke love and respect. So it's like, they pay lip service to the people while forcing wicked laws onto people. In SA on Easter Sunday, politicians go to (fake) churches, preach communism and politics but mention "God" and now everyone thinks they're Christians.

And yes, the NGOs absolutely. Look for a job in Malawi, see what you see. It's all jobs for the UN, or Christian Aid, and they're all willing to hire wicked people despite it being illegal there. As for churches, there are LOADS of missions here but look at what they bring - lukewarmness, false teachings, false gospels.

Also, they are using South Africa to spread the wickedness across Africa. e.g. satellite TV in most of Africa is DSTV/Multichoice (they also own News24/Malawi24 which lies about Pastor Anderson and Pastor Bougardt). All those conservative countries get DSTV which shows all the wicked USA stuff. SA magazines are sold over there, SA products (heavily GMO) are sold there. Their large stores are from SA.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Sounds like Africa is just like America except poorer and more receptive to the gospel! It's the New World Order and the synagogue of Satan everywhere far and wide! Nonetheless, nothing shall stop us!