Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Where to Get the Complete Church Piano Course

My personal PayPal account was shut down last week. You may remember hearing that PayPal shut down the church’s account about six or seven months ago, but they figured out that I’m the pastor of FWBC, and now they’ve shut down my personal PayPal account as well.

The only thing that I was using my personal account for was to sell my piano books. For a while now, Paul Wittenberger has also been selling the books on his website,, so I’m going to just let him sell the books exclusively there instead of setting up another way to accept payment here on my blog.

I actually had to refund all of the recent orders because of the way my PayPal account was permanently suspended. I refunded all the money and just redirected all those people to Framing the World to purchase the books there.

This course is very user friendly. I’ve literally sold thousands of these books and given away hundreds, and all of the feedback I’ve received has been very positive. In fact, I’ve never had one person complain about or criticize any of the books. If someone didn’t like them, I honestly haven’t heard about it.

This course is designed to be self-guided, so you don’t have to know how to read music or hire a piano teacher. This easy, yet fast paced course will have you ready to participate in a church service after completing Book One. You will start out from day one playing real hymns in the key in which they were written.

Book One

Book One is designed for an absolute beginner. I’ve seen people with no prior experience pick up this book and start playing Nothing but the Blood on the first day. If you are an absolute beginner, Book One might take you around six months to master, but it contains everything you need to play 12 different hymns. I even made some companion videos, which I posted on YouTube, to help you through Book One in case you have any questions or just want to hear how the songs are supposed to sound.

Book Two

Book Two takes you to a higher level of skill and proficiency. It builds on the first book, and gets you playing with a fuller, more complex sound.

Book Three

Book Three takes everything you learned in Books One and Two and shows you how to apply it to other songs in the hymnal without needing any sheet music. The goal of the book is to get you playing directly from the hymnal.

If you already know how to play the piano and just want to learn how to play hymns, you still need to start with Book One. Otherwise Books Two and Three might not make any sense to you. You might blow through Book One in one day if you are a good piano player, but it is foundational for the rest of the course.

Click here to purchase Book One or the entire course on

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Chearie said...

I keep trying the link at the top right of the page to purchase a set of these piano books but it says the link is broken. Anyway I can please order a set of these books?

Thank you, Chearie