Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Wife Zsuzsa - Part 12

On Monday, August 14, 2000, I dropped my bride of about 24 hours off at the San Francisco airport to fly back to Germany. She had to go back in order to get her stuff, put in two weeks notice at her job, two weeks notice at her apartment, tell her family, etc, etc. Altogether, she ended up being gone for 19 days. I had a lot to do in those 19 days!

Put yourself in my position: I had just turned 19 years old, I worked at Round Table Pizza making less than a dollar above minimum wage, I had just spent all of my money on the last two weeks of going out with Zsuzsa, I was still living at home with my parents, and I had just gotten married and not told anyone! All of this had to be fixed in the next 19 days. The main things I needed to do were get a real job and get an apartment.

I decided to tell my older brother and my older sister right away, so that I could enlist their help and get their wisdom on setting up a new household since I was new at this. When I told my brother Clint, his first reaction was, "You're still going on that backpacking trip!" Then he was pretty concerned about the fact that I had gotten married so suddenly and seemed a little nervous about the whole thing, but then he said, "Well, she did definitely seem to fit in well with our family." When I told my sister Raani, she was thrilled and said, "Yes! She is going to be my new best friend!"

I got permission from my parents to move in with Clint and Spring for a little while since he had just moved into a new bigger place, and there were more job opportunities on that side of town. I moved my stuff over to a spare bedroom at Clint's place but didn't even unpack because I knew I'd only be there until I got into my own apartment which I was, of course, determined to do before Zsuzsa returned. That would also give me a base of operations to get everything done that I needed to over the next 19 days without my parents becoming suspicious.

My plan was to tell my parents as soon as she got back from Germany in a couple weeks. That way I could tell them, "This is my new job, new apartment, and by the way, this is my wife." I figured that would sound A LOT better than, "I live at home, have a low-paying job, and I just got married, but my wife is in Germany right now." So I went to work to make everything happen asap!

To be continued...

My brother Clint and I around this time


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

So fun!!! If it were my parents, they may have murdered us!!! Hahahaha!!! What a fun story to share for generations!!!

Jonathan Jennifer Dale said...

Hello Mr. Anderson,

My name is Jonathan Dale. I want to become a soul winner, knocking on doors and other ways... kind of a baby soul winner, since I've never done this. I've already been sharing the gospel with some of my co-workers mainly, and other people if the doors open. I carry a Bible with me at all times in my pocket, strapping on "the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God," so I can "be instant in season and out of season."

But I have several questions. I've watched all your videos and many sermons on soul winning and using that as a guide as I go through the Scriptures.

First thing, is what do you do with people that reject you at the door? You introduce yourself, and begin with your first Scripture, and they say, "Oh, no thank you, we're not interested." Do you keep pressing it? Do you plead with the person? Or do you say, "Ok, have a wonderful day then," and then, "And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet"?

And then, I understand you can speak Spanish, and you can reach basically anybody. But I can't speak Spanish. So what should I do then... do I bring somebody along with me that can speak Spanish?

Also, at the moment I am not a member of a local church... my wife and I are still searching for a church. Should I wait to become a member of a church to have the full faith and backing of the church? Or should I go out there on my own like a "freewheeling evangelist"?

Can you e-mail be back? Or you can respond here on your blog:

Dave O said...

I wanted to say the same thing. Would have never worked with my parents! But it's to do with cultural differences and upbringing style.

I love reading these posts. Impatient for more!

Dave O said...

I wanted to say the same thing. Would have never worked with my parents! But it's to do with cultural differences and upbringing style.

I love reading these posts. Impatient for more!

Dave O said...

I hate the ''prove you're not a robot'' thing though. Caused me to post the same comment about 10 times!