Friday, March 22, 2013

My Wife Zsuzsa - Part 14

My mom, Susan Anderson, decided that the piece of mail made out to Zsuzsanna Toth-Anderson was "close enough to her name" for her to be justified in opening it. It was a notification that copies of our official marriage license were now ready to be ordered. My parents were of course shocked and called both my brother and sister to vent. "Did you know about this?!" It was a Wednesday early afternoon when they first found out, and when I got home from work that evening to my brother's house where I was staying, I was told that they had found out.

I figured that the Wednesday night church service would be the perfect place to meet them after they had found out. I figured it would be a safe place. They couldn't come down on me too hard in such a public place! I thought of Joab taking hold of the horns of the altar in the temple when Solomon sought to kill him (bad example, since he killed him there anyway!)

As it turned out, they had already cooled down in the few hours between finding out and church rolling around. My brother and older sister bore the brunt of their initial blow-up over the phone, in addition to my younger sister Lisa, who had the misfortune of being in the room when they found out. At church, the first thing my dad said to me was, "It's okay, Steve. We're not mad at you." I laughingly said, "Well, I guess you won't be telling me never to do this again!" Thankfully I had a very good relationship with my parents, and they had really liked Zsuzsa, so everything was fine. Once my wife came back from Germany, we went out to dinner with them every Friday night for months and would often even spend the night at their house when we were over there on a late night (we slept in my old bedroom! haha).

I was counting the hours until Zsuzsa would be back, and we could finally be reunited after a very long 19 days apart. Finally, Saturday evening rolled around, and I headed for the Sacramento airport to pick her up.

To be continued...

Back row from left to right: my younger sister Lisa, my mom, my dad, Clint's wife Spring, my brother Clint. This picture was taken shortly after Zsuzsa came back from Germany at a reception the church gave for us.

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More!! Lol I'm hooked! You should turn this into a book :P