Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Writing to Your Wife - Part 3

More ideas for Letter Content

In the last post, I mentioned that you should compliment your wife's appearance in your letters. Song of Solomon provides a great example of this. As in the biblical example, specifically praise each body part or aspect of your wife's appearance that you like the most. Keep it real. Instead of making things up, think to yourself about what aspects of her looks you like the most and put pen to page. You can also talk about which outfits you like the most on her and how she looks in different types of clothing. Tell her what you want her to wear.

Another idea for letter content could be to remind her of a fun or poignant memory of times that you shared together in the past. Stories and reminiscences about the past can be a perfect springboard into expressions of how much you love her. You can make this particularly interesting by including some new detail about the story that she had no way of ever knowing. For example, "I never told you this, but I actually thought…" or "You didn't know this at the time, but…"

Another idea for content is that you can can plan an outing, event, activity, or evening for the two of you, and instead of telling her about it, write it to her in a letter. Go into as much detail as possible to make the letter interesting.

And lastly, be as creative as you possibly can. Using elaborate similes and metaphors will keep your letter from being boring or run of the mill. Don't be shy when writing your letter. Remember that one of the purposes of writing letters in the first place is to open up new forms of communication. If you are shy or embarrassed, just leave the letter for her to read when you are not around.

Tomorrow's post will cover creative delivery ideas for your letters...

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