Friday, March 15, 2013

My Wife Zsuzsa - Part 7

Friday night, exactly one week after Zsuzsa arrived, we drove to Lake Comanche to meet up with my sister Raani and her family who were spending the weekend there camping. On the way there we picked up dinner at Burger King. It's funny looking back at how much fast food we ate that week! We eat so much healthier now, but back then, it was Taco Bell, Arby's, Burger King, Jack in the Box, etc. Out of all of these, a whopper from Burger King was her favorite.

We had a little trouble getting to the campsite, so we didn't end up arriving until late that night. When we got there we went straight to bed (don't worry, we were in separate beds in a one-room travel trailer with Bobby and Raani and their two kids Jessica and Jonathan, so we were well chaperoned. Let it also be noted that back then, I was young and inexperienced, so I did not have the same standards and dating practices that I would have today. I also watched movies and listened to worldly music back then. However, I would never have been caught dead spending the night with a girl or committing fornication). When we got there everyone was in bed, but Bobby and Raani were still awake, so Bobby kept us up for the next half hour telling a lot funny jokes as we all lay in our beds crying laughing.

On the next day, Saturday, we enjoyed hiking around the lake and riding around in a little fishing boat with a motor on the back. Bobby also offered for me to take a ride in the boat with just Zsuzsa, so he showed me how to operate the motor. It was one of those motors where you sit at the back of the boat and hold a handle attached to the motor and turn the whole motor to the left or the right in order to steer. After cruising around for a while, I thought it would be fun to let Zsuzsa drive it, so I showed her how to use the motor. She drove it for a few moments, but when the boat started going pretty fast, she panicked, threw the handle of the motor away, shrieked, and put her face in her hands. This sent the boat spinning, and I had to quickly grab the motor and stabilize things. I suspect that she wasn't really scared but was just trying to be cute (and succeeding, of course).

In the late afternoon, the two of us were talking together about a lot of things, and somehow the subject of homos came up. I explained to her what the Bible taught on the subject, quoted her Leviticus 20:13, and told her that I believed that our government should give homos the death penalty. This made her very upset and became our first fight. It was not that she had a particular soft spot for homos, it was just that she had always been taught that the death penalty was wrong in general, and especially for something other than murder! Basically, she was just emotional because she considered me to be a nice guy and could not believe that I would condone of such a "violent" measure. It seemed like a contradiction to her at the time. Keep in mind that she had just gotten saved only 6 days before.

We argued about the subject, and she stormed away upset. I didn't think too much of it because it was obvious that she just needed some time to cool down and think it over. However, I was of course saddened that we had gotten in our first fight. When the sun went down, and she still wasn't back, we all began to get worried. It had been a couple hours and was now getting completely dark out. My sister's family and I all grabbed flashlights and began walking around the lake shining our lights and yelling, "Zsuzsa!" Finally, Bobby found her as she was walking back into our camp. He was a little bit upset because she had scared all of us, and it was not safe for her to be out in the dark by herself.

"We've been out looking for you this whole time!"

"Oh, was that you shining that torch?" (in her British accent, of course. Apparently "torch" is what they call a flashlight over there!)

We then got in the car and drove home that night so we could be at church in the morning. I didn't bring up the sore subject, and we just acted like nothing had happened, but she of course realized that I was right at some point.

To be continued...

Zsuzsa took this picture of Jessica and Jonathan on the day this story took place. This is also the boat from the story.


Anonymous said...

Came across your site after seeing you be a badass during traffic stops. I think you're a great American, but I think you should maybe be careful about taking everything from a book so literally and as truth. That book was written a long time ago and in a language that no longer exists. Through interpretation and the many different empires who have controlled its scripting, I think a lot of messages were mixed up, or added to help govern. Look into your heart; is it evil to love without borders or to wish death upon another life? Look into your heart; do you really want all of them to die and burn in agony for all of eternity? Is it pious to wish eternal agony on a life simply for being "confused"? Is this what God's love involves, the desire for pain upon those we don't agree with? Is it not enough just to leave them alone, or maybe reach out to them? You seem very cultured, but apparently you haven't met many "homos", as you call them. God is everywhere, there is no evil, but lack of light.

Anonymous said...

This misses the whole point. No one is wishing "eternal agony on someone who is confused." The Creator of the Universe is the only Arbiter of what is right and wrong, and He says sodomy is wrong. You may wish it were not so. That changes nothing. It's not confusion - it's perversion. In my lifetime it was the death penalty in our State for the second offense of sodomy. I would vote to return to those days, when the perverts hid in a closet instead of parading in the streets.

Anonymous said...

Pastor anderson ,this series of your life is very interesting. Thank yiu for sharing